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Joint Filters & Tips

Joint Filters Tips

Nobody likes getting a mouthful of Scooby Snacks when trying to enjoy a nice pre-rolled blunt. Adding a filter tip to your roll-up or cigarette is an excellent way to reduce the impact of tar on your lungs and ensure you can burn your herb down to the last tasty morsel. Filter tips not only prevent the spread of spit while sharing but also work as an ash catcher. Our filters not only filter out large particles but allow you to finish your smoke without burning your fingertips.

Don’t want to miss any of the flavors of your smoke? Instead of a filter, try a simple tip. We offer a wide range of joint and blunt filters to keep your tongue and mouth clean from residue.

Why Use a Joint Filter?

One of the reasons why some people don’t like to use joints to smoke their cannabis is because they’ve found the taste to be less pleasant then that of smoking it via a bong. This has nothing to do with a change in the flavor profile that these methods produce, rather it has to do with loose leaf being inhaled as they take a hit.

Smoking a joint unfiltered does have the inherent risk of flakes or loosely packed cannabis ending up in your mouth, or the back of your throat. Some people find this to be a very unpleasant and bitter tasting experience.

How to Hand Roll a Filter Tip?

Rolling a filter tip by hand is relatively easy. Your first few attempts may come out loose or poorly shaped, but with a little practice you will be able to roll your own filters with ease. If you are unsure as to how to correctly roll your filter tips, we highly recommend that you watch the following video. It clearly shows step by step, how to quickly and easily roll various styles of filters by hand.

Different Types Of Tip Filters

Filter tips are an amazing tool for anyone who rolls. Many people think they're unnecessary but once they try them, they get hooked on the convenience they offer to smokers of all kinds. Tips can come in a variety of materials such as glass, wood, and silicone. One of the world’s most trusted and leading filter tip brands RAW provides the market with filter tip papers of various sizes and grades. 

Hand Rolled Filter Tip Papers

Classic Filter Tip Strips are clean, unmarked strips. No predefined creases or fold lines, you can fold one or more papers into many different patterns and designs.

Perforated Filter Tip Strip is suitable for most leaf grades, but the spacing may be too large and could allow smaller pieces to be sucked through. The smaller the spacing the more pieces there are that can be blocked. The simpler the filter, the more filter pieces that can't be sucked in.

Raw's cone filters have predefined fold lines that will allow you to fold the appropriate ceases for an accordion core effectively. The hardest part is getting used to rolling on a curve. A smaller opening reduces the size of spacing inside the filter, vastly reducing the possibility of flakes being sucked into your mouth.

Pre-rolled Filter Tips

Pre-rolled filter tips can be used to make it easier to make small folds. The biggest hurdle is that the spacing may be large enough for small pieces and flakes to be sucked through. While this may sound like it defeats the purpose of using a pre-rolled tip, it is still a more viable option for some people, as these additional pieces can be roughly folded and unevenly spaced.

Activated Charcoal Filters

Similar to a pre-rolled filter tip, these nifty little devices are sealed at both ends and filter the smoke as it passes through. To use these filters, place them at one end of you joint before you roll it up, and that’s it. Just make sure to place the filter facing the correct direction.

Glass Filter Tips

Glass filter tips are placed inside the joint before it is rolled. They help to prevent small pieces of cannabis from passing through. Can be hard to clean without the correct cleaning tools, such as brushes and solvents. They can also be broken relatively easily as well as being hard to store and carry. They are valued for money as they are reusable, but only if looked after correctly. They could be broken if something heavy or with hard edges is kept on top of them.

Wood Filter Tips

Wood filter tips are made with natural wood. The Wooden Tips can easily be added on top of your joint for a classier feel while protecting your lips from the hot smoke. Cannagars are perfect when you feel like kicking your feet up like a boss and treating yourself. We offer various sizes of wooden filter tips. If you are looking for high quality wood filter tips, Browse our collection of Joint filters and tips at Weedipedia!