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E-Rigs and E-Nails

The trend of the future is electronic dab rigs. Vaping easily with electric dabbing instead of a torch by upgrading to an E-Nail or E-Rig with correct temp control. A more relaxed session and more flavorful steam can be given by converting from a torch rig to an electronic dab rig.

What is an Electronic Nail & E-rigs?

An electric dab rig or an “e-rig” is a torch free method of dabbing that involves an electric heating unit that sits on a dab rig, or in an all-in-one device. E-rigs do all the heating and temperature measurements for you. Some electronic rigs are so advanced they can be operated and customized through phone apps via Bluetooth to optimize the temperature, regulate settings, even keep track of your sessions.

The electronic nail (also known as e-nail) is an essential accessory for dabbers who want to get the most of their concentrates. Electronic nails remove torches from the equation in exchange for a heat-generating coil. They heat up to a specific temperature, allowing dabbers to hit perfect temp dabs with little to no effort. Once your nail is up to your selected temp, you're free to dab at your leisure until you turn off the nail. Electronic nails alleviate the learning curve associated with finding the right dabbing temperature and timing. If you're not used to assessing heat with your hand, you should definitely consider an e-nail.

Should You Buy an E-nails/E-rigs?

If you are tired of buying butane all the time then switching to an electric rig makes a lot of sense. Those gas costs add up over time not to mention the general fire hazard of using a torch multiple times a day indoors. Electric rigs provide accurate temperatures for the best possible flavor experience every time you dab instead of estimating the process with a torch.

E-nails are also terrific for social dabbers who plan to distribute lots of dabs over a long time span. For gatherings and events where there can be a supervised tasting station (such as festivals or trade shows), electronic nails are perfect to have around in order to keep the dabs coming.

How Do You Use an E-rigs?

Electronic dab rigs and e-rigs typically all operate in a similar fashion. Dabs can be loaded into the heating chamber either before or during the heating process. There is no guesswork when electronically dabbing because the rig will indicate when it’s the perfect time to start your dab and inhale. Depending on the kind of session you desire, you can change the setting on the digital dab rig to provide a more or less potent dab.

Benefits of Using an E-nail Over a Traditional Dab Rig

E-nails last longer, are safer, and more accurate than titanium nails or quartz bangers alone. Torch heating can deteriorate your banger or nail quickly and create too high of a temperature to dab properly resulting in a bad experience. An electronic dab nail can be turned off when not in use and provides a constant and even heat across the entire banger for a perfect dab.

Where to Buy Best E-nails/E-rigs

Weedipedia offers a wide range of electric rigs for sale, but only a handful offer a wonderful experience which improves your dabbing. Each e-rig we carry has stellar features like blue-tooth capability, long battery life, and precise temperature control. We have assembled a list of what we think are the best e-Nails in the industry, based on price and features. And you can find our top 4  electronic dab rigs and e- nails for sale here