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About DynaVap

DynaVap started in 2015 with the mission to create a simple but effective, affordable and battery-free portable vaporizer. It didn’t take long for DynaVap to earn a great reputation for the one-hitter style VapCap vapes, which evolved from a simple, glass unit into several collections, including the adjustable airflow OmniVap, the affordable VapCap M . They’re all quick, satisfying and affordable, and we’re proud to present DynaVap’s latest here.

What makes the DynaVap so great?

  • Vaporizes in under 10 seconds
  • Super Compact - under 10cm
  • No Batteries = No Charging
  • New adjust-a-bowl tip with two settings - 0.05g and 0.1g
  • Improved Airflow
  • Top quality build and materials
  • Full 12 month warranty

Perfect for 'on the go'

The DynaVap range vaporizers are some of the most portable and stealthiest vaporizers money can buy and the 'M' is no different. It measures in at just 9cm long with a similar diameter to a cigarette.

Don’t let its size fool you, the new and improved DynaVap ‘M’ is a real pocket rocket! From cold, it’ll produce vapour from as little as 0.05 grams of herbs in 5 to 10 seconds, and even faster than that during a session!

Finally, this VapCap is shipped in our all new 100% recyclable cardboard package that is also very pocket friendly

If you vape a lot when you're out and about, the DynaVap really is a great choice!

No battery, no fuss

As with all DynaVap dry herb vaporizers, the 2020 ‘M’ requires no batteries or charging cables.

Any flame can be used, whether from a candle, torch or a lighter. Just apply the heat, wait for the click and inhale! You can finish an entire chamber in 30 seconds flat if you’re in a rush!

The 2020 “M” is modular and compatible with other DynaVap products and components.

How to use your Dynavap

Carry out a burn off first!

In rare occasions oils and/or residue from manufacturing can be left inside your Dynavap’s oven. We advising completing a quick burn-off first. This will ensure your first session with your new vaporizer is a great one. To carry out a burn run just follow the instructions below without any herb in your vapcap.

Packing the Dynavap

First things thirst, we need to pack the Dynavap with your choice of herbs!

We can do this pretty easily by pushing the VapCap itself into a container of our herbs and twisting. The Dynavap is unique - grinding herbs is only an option rather than a prerequisite. If you do chose to grind, avoid doing it too finely; it'll risk your herbs getting through the filter into the vape itself.

Heating your Dynavap

Put the VapCap back on to the body of the Dynavap. Now it is time to apply some heat!

You heat the Dynavap by exposing the VapCap to a or flame or some other source of heat. Dynavap's work best with a three flame torch; we have one for sale here!

Whilst heating, rotate the oven slowly. The intensity of your vapour depends on where you apply the heat. You can have higher temperatures by apply the flame further in on the cap, towards the mouthpieces. Have a play around during your first few sessions and see what works for you.

When your herb is ready to be vaped, your Dynavap will click.

Vaping with the Dynavap

Whilst take hits on the mouthpiece it is worth playing with the carb to see what works for you. Some prefer to vape with the hole completely open whilst others lightly cover the hole with their fingers.

In my experience, leaving the air hole unblocked allows a smoother vaping experience. When the VapCap clicks again it means the oven has now dropped below vaping temperature. You can either finish your session or apply more heat. You can remove the used herb by blowing. You can remove stubborn bits by using the end of the Vapcap to dig it out.