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Dry Pipes

About Dry Pipes

A large number of people who smoke cannabis today started smoking with a dry method of some type, your first was a spoon pipe, chillum, joint, blunt, etc. If you haven't seen them yet, let's search on Google. The dry pipe provides a quick and simple path to relaxation for the tobacco lover who enjoys a quick, pure smoke.

What is Dry Pipe?

A "dry pipe" is a wide term that refers to any pipe that does not use water filtration (bongs, bubblers, etc.) Dry pipes are generally more convenient, and to compensate for the lack of filtration, they often have longer stems or intricate air pathway designs. Because dry hand pipes are very simple in design (herb goes in bowl, smoke goes into mouth).

Why Should You Buy A Dry Pipe?


The joint is the most portable form of dry smoking because all you need are some rolling papers and some ground cannabis. This combination makes it simple to get rid of if you ever need to get rid of your goods. Dry pipes, such as glass spoon pipes or chillums, are more difficult to dispose of, but their pocket size makes them exceedingly portable.

Very Easy To Clean

Dry pipes are less complicated to clean than bongs, largely because water bongs are much larger and usually have multiple pieces to them. When choosing a piece of smoking equipment, how much time do you want to dedicate to cleaning it? Bongs get nasty fast, but those who are dedicated to their usage swear that they’re worth it. You be the judge.

Easy To Use

Dry pipes are also easier to use than wet pipes for the same reason: water pipes usually have detachable parts to them. Bongs and bubblers have a learning curve to get through before you’ll get all of the benefits of using one.

Durable Quality

Most dry pipes aren’t easily broken. If they’re made of metal instead of glass, it’s nearly impossible to break them. If you want something that you can carry around with you discreetly that isn’t too fragile, dry pipes are a decent choice.

Easier To Dose With

If you don’t want to get too high, a dry pipe can help you control those effects. Taking a bong hit can surprise you with its over the top effects sometimes and once you’re there. Dry pipes are easier to take smaller hits with so you can more easily control how high you get.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a dry pipe for smoking?

The term dry pipe refers to any pipe that doesn't use water, be it glass, wood, metal, ceramic or stone! There are many pipe forms, such as onies, chillums, spoons, sherlocks, steamrollers & more!

Can I put water in my glass pipe?

Before the smoke is inhaled, the bubbler pipes diffuse the smoke through water. This process removes the tar and resins causing the smoke to have a smoother taste. While cold water is the most used, sometimes hot water can be used.