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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers

A new bloom, a beautiful vapor. Constant, also heat that stimulates your favorite herbs with vapor but does not "combust" them into smoke is the secret to a quality dry herb vaporizer. All types, sizes, and models come with top shelf vaporizers. Desktop vapes, portable vapes, and even vape pens are available to dry herbs.

Dry herb vaporizers of the highest quaility and most stylish brands at Weedipedia. Industry leaders like Storz and Bickel, Pax, and Arizer are waiting for you!

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers Update 2021

We tried too many vapes to admit here at weedipedia. We also know what to look for and what we think is essential in vapor pressure of dry herbs. Below is our ranking at this time on the best portable dry herb vaporizers money can buy you. Pay attention to the trade-off's in each device. Remember no single device is the best for everyone.

1. Mighty

(Best All Around) Want the best possible vaping experience and budget is not a question? Behold the Mighty. Milky smooth vapor clouds, flavor unmatched, perfect bowl size and virtually no learning curve. Who cares if it looks like your deodorant stick, this thing RIPS. Everything we love about the quality vapor of the Volcano in a "pocket" sized device.

2. Arizer Solo 2

(Perfect Convection) Get the best session style experience from this portable vaporizer. Durability is unmatched producing quality smooth convection vapor at a great price. Interchangeable glass mouthpieces make it easy to clean and has long battery life. Bowl size can be a bit small for some users.

3. Davinci

IQ / IQ2 Sexy, sleek, futuristic design. The all aluminum body is a masterpiece in it's own right. Vapor quality is perfect and has a replaceable 18650 battery. It's aluminum body does run a bit hot so let this one cool down between sessions.

4. Crafty+ 

Faster heat up times, one button control, re-designed circuit board and extended battery capacity compared to the original Crafty. A small and ultra portable high quality German engineered vaporizer. Battery life does sacrifice for portability.

5. Firefly 2+

(Flavor King) Better airflow than the Firefly 2! Instant heat up times with amazing flavor experience and a replaceable battery. Dynamic vaping temperature during inhalation. Plus it's easy to clean! Be weary as this does have the highest learning curve of any vape we've tried. Once you get it down it rewards you in flavor.

6. PAX 3

The Pax 3 vape which delivers an ever smarter, quicker, and easier vapor experience than its predecessor, PAX 2, is slick and strongly mobile vaporizer from PAX labs. PAX 3 simple bundle offers a genuinely cutting edge vapor experience, especially in high heating time to longer battery life to app-controlled heating modes and iPhone-like haptic feedback. The PAX 3 Basics Kit has a 10-year guarantee, which shows the consistency of this spectacular vaporizer.

7. Boundless Tera

All Boundless products are guaranteed to please users, but the Tera is a master-piece. The Boundless Tera is one of the sturdiest, most powerful portable vapes on the market, and was created in mind for strong consumers. It also has some of the longest battery life, with it's removable batteries noted to make traveling very convenient.

Looking to buy a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer to buy that is not a Pen Style, well look no further. The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer packs a punch and is stronger than your Pen Vapes with a similar compact size. For something portable that'll fit nicely in your pocket we recommend the Davinci IQ. The DaVinci’s glass coated ceramic chamber is primo for your flower and herbs.

Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers Update 2021

1. Volcano

Whether you go Analog or Digital, this monster will give you top vapor quality. It's one of the easiest to use device and its built with quality. We've been using the same Volcano in the house for 7 years, no problems. You get what you pay for.

2. Dr. Dabber Switch (New)

Currently the most powerful desktop vaporizer. It passes all other brands when it comes to battery, heating level and vapor quality never before seen in a electronic rig. Finally something that competes well with the Volcano.

3. Arizer Extreme Q

Want a budget friendly option? Arizer is your go to! Its perfect for people who want the "bag" vaping experience at a lower price point. Easy to share and pass around. For its price you still get all accessories you'll need.

4. Plenty Vaporizer

Excuse the space age design for a second and talk about performance. This device has the closest performance to the Volcano pushing large amounts of vapor through it's powerful heating element. Did we mention it's a great conversation starter.

Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers Under $100

1. XMAX Starry V3

The XVAPE STARRY 3.0 is arguably one of the best conduction vaporizers available for under $100. ​XVAPE STARRY 3.0 features haptic feedback, precise temperature control, industrial-strength magnetic mouthpiece. Dry herb users can place their material directly into the oval-shaped chamber. A removable 18650 battery provides a 25-second heat-up time and is replaceable.

2. Boundless CFC 2.0 

This vaporizer is a top-knotch example of an affordable unit that performs optimally. The CFC 2.0 allows for temperature control and delicious cloud quality while remaining obtainable with a retail value of just under $100.

3. Pulsar Apx V2 

The upgraded version of the adored, original Pulsar APX; this unit is a perfect choice for those of you looking for a good portable vaporizer for sale under $70. It functions as a true vaporizer while being very economical compared to others in its category.

4. Atmos Jump

Atmos is a global leader in innovative vaporizer technology and design. The Atmos Jump combines the best of both worlds in a sleek, portable package. An anodized heating chamber with no exposed coils, streamlining the vaporization process. An advanced convection heating system delivers smoother, more potent vapor. A sleek and solid carbon fiber body ensures sturdy performance on the go.

5. G Pen Dash

Grenco Science G Pen Dash vaporizer is compact and lightweight. Features glass-glazed, stainless steel heating chamber with easy-to-load chamber opening. This device also features haptic feedback and a smart button with three LEDs to indicate heat level and battery life. With pass-through charging capability via Micro-USB and automatic shut-off, the G PenDash maximizes battery life and usability on every charge.

What to look for in a dry herb vaporizer?

The above-mentioned dry weed vaporizers heat your dry weed to the optimum temperature. This often also comes down to personal choice and the vaporizer itself. Most of the vaporizers can be adapted to find out which temperature is best for you and your vaporizer style. The intention is not to burn the plant nor to change the temperature to hot because of the inhalation of smoke resin. We are trying to prevent this by vaping versus burning. Using a device to vape your herb is a healthy way of medicinal use, so you can see a bit more subtle emotions. You'll also notice a cleaner inhale and better flavors which is a great thing.

  • Heating Method - Conduction or Convection or Hybrid
  • Vaporizer Type - Session Vaporizers vs On-Demand
  • Oven Capacity - For personal use or for sharing?
  • Portability - Always on the go or a homebody? Pocket vs Desktop

For all the classic Dry Herb and Flower fans, we have a wide range collection of Dry Herb Vaporizers to suit your needs. Just grab your favorite Dry Herb strain and start vaping without any messy Concentrate oil/wax stains.

Do you Need Something Different?

Not sure what your are looking for in a vape, well we can point you in the right direction. The AirVape XS is new step forward in the world of Vaporizing technology, in fact it's one of our top recommended budget pocket vaporizers. And don't overlook the Davinci IQ and the Arizer Solo 2 for dry herb. That's our personal favorite!

Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQs

Our Weedipedia team answers a lot of questions about vapes every day—and this is one of the most common topics. Here’s what people often want to know about them:

1. Are Vapes Legal?

It really depends on your area. Many states are now legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, but it’s up to you to check your local regulations. And companies won’t accept legal responsibility for vapes shipped internationally, so you really have to make sure it’s legal in your country before ordering one.

2. Do dry herb Vapes Produce Odor?

Vaporizers are not 100% odor-free, so yes, you will get some odors coming from them. But having said that, they are nowhere near as strong as those coming from a cigarette. People standing just a few feet away from you may not realize you’re using a vape, unlike with a cigarette whose smells carry for hundreds of feet.

3. Is A Vape Better Than Smoking?

In many ways, we would say yes. A vaporizer heats up your herb but doesn’t combust it. First, this means that there is no smoke, which is healthier for your lungs and saves your throat the burn. Second, because the herb doesn’t burn, you get more aroma and flavor out of it.

4. Will I Test Positive For Drugs If I Use A Vaporizer?

It heavily depends on what you’re smoking, how frequently you smoke, and how long ago you last smoked it. If your herb has some THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, you will definitely be flagged positive. But some drug tests don’t differentiate between cannabinoids, so they’ll pick up anything, even CBD.

5. Does Use A Weed Vaporizer Cause Any Side Effects?

Currently, there is no concrete research anywhere showing actual side effects due to a vaporizer as a device in its own right. But do remember, what you’re vaping matters. If your herb contains THC or other active substances, you may well experience some side effects.

6. Will Using A dry herb Vaporizer Give Me A High?

It depends purely on the active ingredients in your herb. If it contains any THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, yes, you will most likely experience a high. However, if what you’re vaping is THC-free, you shouldn’t be affected.

7. Are dry herb Vapes Safe To Use?

Generally, they are a much safer option for your health than cigarettes. They don’t burn your herb, so there is no smoke and carcinogens for you to inhale. And any good quality vaporizer will not heat up to the extent of burning your hands.

Finally: Which Dry Herb Vaporizer Should You Get?

A dry herb vaporizer is a great way to enjoy your herbs without the persistent, nasty odors that come from smoking a joint. Convenient and discreet, you can keep it with you on the go and enjoy your herb anywhere, anytime.

Vaporizers also give you more out of your herb because they don’t burn it, and the effects are instantaneous.