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About Dopezilla

Dopezilla assembles some of the mightiest, meatiest, and dopest monsters and myths smokers have feared around the campfire since the dawn of time and harnesses their power in the form of scary-good glass.

The monsters have invaded! Dopezilla's new Monster Edition water pipes take “dope bongs” to a whole new level. From the creative minds and designers at Famous Brandz, Dopezilla glass offers the excellence and durability of the company’s other brands, but with their own unique twist.

Dopezilla Glass

Bring a bit of color to your glass collection by purchasing your very own Dopezilla bong. The company is based in Canada and their main goal is to deliver quality glass bongs for an unbeatable price, so everybody is able to enjoy those perfectly smooth hits that the Dopezilla Glass collection has to offer.

The glass of the Dopezilla bongs is made of high quality Boris Silicate glass, which can resist extreme temperatures without cracking. A great advantage of the Dopezilla glass is that they produce great products for affordable prices. The length of our Dopezilla bongs differ from 7 inches to 12 inches.

Dopezilla Glass Bongs

Dopezilla offers a high-quality smoking experience without breaking the bank. These affordable bongs will not only get you smooth smoking sessions but are sure to be conversation-starting pieces. Get your hands on a thick, sturdy bong or rig with great features such as built-in ice catchers, percolators, and diffused downstems.

These high-quality bongs are named after dozens of different monsters. From Cerberus, a three-headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld in Greek mythology to Basilisk, the serpent king who can kill with a glance, Dopezilla glass is uniquely themed and ready for use.

Every single Dopezilla bong is made of durable borosilicate glass so you can worry less about them breaking. They feature unique colored accents and are adorned with their monster’s picture. You won’t want to smoke out of anything else once you purchase a bong from Dopezilla.

Dopezilla Glass Dab Rigs

 As you probably know, Dab Rigs are made to consume concentrates. The Dab Rigs of Dopezilla Glass are a good choice if you want a good quality rig for a low price.

Dopezilla Glass Dabbing Straws

Extra accessories are a thing of the past with de Dopezilla Glass Dabbing Straws. Simply insert the dabbing straw into your piece and heat up the tip of the stinger.

Weedipedia's Collection

Find the perfect Dopezilla bong or rig by browsing Weedipedia's selection or collect them all and get the best that every Monster Edition water pipe will offer you best  experience.