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DaVinci Vaporizers

DaVinci vaporizer takes its namesake to heart, with beautifully engineered vaporizers that pack unique features into their sleek shells. It starts with the classic DaVinci original, a vaporizer that focused on building a strong flavor profile and reputation for excellent vapor. The IQ refined that design with a classier look, and a flavor pod for adding in some extra fun.The MIQRO takes the best parts of the DaVinci IQ and packs them into a very pocketable form factor.

Finally, DaVinci is combining innovative new features with top-shelf performance and class, this time with the IQ2. If you crave comfortable vapors, regardless of price, the IQ2 should be near the top of your list. You can find the DaVinci IQ on our Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers Collection.

Which is the best DaVinci Vaporizer?

The best Davinci vaporizer for you really comes down to preference, and whether or not you prefer smaller size or increased functionality. While the smaller Davinci vapes do not sacrifice a lot of functionality, they do have slightly less battery life and space for loading your favorite form of herb. The MIQRO is a very popular model for good reason - it is small and compact but provides unparallelled functionality and taste.

Where To Buy A DaVinci Vaporizer

Due to their high quality products, Davinci vapes can be found in most head shops. If you do not feel like going to the store, you can conveniently buy your favorite Davinci product from Weedipedia where shipping in the USA is always free and discreet.

These new, advanced vapes can sometimes be confusing to newcomers, but for the most part they have a very low learning curve and are easy to plug and play with. Here are a few tips for getting started:

How To Load The Heating Chamber Of A DaVinci Vaporizer?

Davinci vapes are easy to pack - simply remove the lid and pack with herb. Always make sure that your dry herb is ground up before placing into a dry herb vaporizer. Also, do not pack to tightly so the hot air can circulate and effectively burn all of the flower.

How To Adjust The Temperature Of The DaVinci Vaporizer?

Depending on which vape you use, this functionality is slightly different. For the IQ and smart vapes discussed above, you can set your favorite temperature from the app on your phone. Other models from Davinci let you set the temperature directly on the screen on the device like most other dry herb vapes.

Why Buy A DaVinci Vaporizer?

While Davinci vapes are not the cheapest vapes on the market, this price point gives you more functionality and cutting-edge design than a majority of vapes on the market. Davinci is a leading brand in the space, and the price point is well worth it for their loyal users. The smart app design and clean look and vape make it well worth the slightly increased price point.

How To Charge A DaVinci Vaporizer Battery?

All Davinci vapes charge via the commonly used USB cables. The MIQRO and IQ models have removable batteries that can be pre charged to prepare for any trips you want to bring the vape with you on.

How To Use A DaVinci Vape?

Each Davinci vape comes with its own set of instructions, but they all have similar usage that includes ensuring the vape is charged, the container is not overly packed, and that your herb is ground up to a powder before inserting into the machine. In addition, be sure to keep the mouthpiece free of any debris. The vapes can be turned on/off with 5 quick clicks of the power button.