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Dab Rite

About Dab Rite

Take full control of your experience. The Dab Rite™ is the most advanced digital IR thermometer on the market that is specifically designed for the connoisseur.

Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer

The Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer illustrates that the best way to an exact temperature is to stay flexible! This IR thermometer, specifically designed with the dabber in mind, allows you to fix the sensor to any angle you want within a generous 7" reach, accommodating pretty much any setup you can throw at it. Heady rigs, extended bangers, this thermometer can reach it! Set your preferred temperature and the Dab Rite will use both light and sound to alert you when it's been reached, though you can turn either of these features off to tailor to your choice. The emissivity setting works perfectly with clear quartz and opaque bottom bangers alike. A safer LED light is used as opposed to lasers to get precision temperature readings without putting you in potential harm. It even boasts an auto shut off feature after 5 minutes of inactivity.


How to Use?

  • To power on your Dab RiteTM, press and hold the power button down for one second until the screen illuminates.
  • To power off, press and hold the power button down for three seconds
  • The Dab RiteTM will automatically turn off if it is left on and unused for five minutes
  • To set the temperature, press the ‘menu’ button once until you see the set temperature on the screen. Then use the left and right buttons to choose your temperature.

Features of Dab Rite IR Thermometer

Emissivity Settings - Built-in Emissivity Settings for accurate measuring.

Alerts - Both light and sound alert you when you preferred temperature is reached.

LED Guide Light - Ensuring that you get the most accurate temperature reading.

Automatic Shut-Off - Automatic Shut-Off after 5 minutes of no use to conserve battery.

Flexible Arms - Easy adjustability for rigs of various heights.

Silicone Carb Cap Holder - A convenient non-stick storage spot for your spinner caps and marbles  

What does a dab rite do?

The Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer utilizes a flexible temperature reading arm allowing for more accurate readings across various heights and angles. Simply set the desired temperature, move the sensor under your banger, wait for the alert to beep, and then you're ready to rip.