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Dab Container

What is Dab Container?

Dab containers, also known as wax containers, concentrate containers, dab jars, etc, are the most efficient way to store shatter, crumble and whatever else. Without the proper storage means, concentrates will get stuck to surfaces and it can be difficult to remove without possibly losing pieces or ending up with a sticky mess. Crumble and more malleable variants of concentrate are easily stuck to surfaces of plastic and paper.

Dab containers are normally small non-stick pieces made of either silicone or glass, and can also come in a variety of sizes and designs to conveniently store wax. These handy vape accessories are used by anyone who is regularly dabbing and already know that waxy build-ups can plague incorrect storage space. Some popular designs have different compartments for different strains, and they can even come in a variety of colors. 

Types Of Container

There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that are sure to match your tastes. Finding the perfect container for you can seem like a daunting task, but it really comes down to your personal preferences. With a variety of unique functions and styles to choose from, you can show off your custom containers with all of your friends. Some of the most popular options for containers include:

Silicone Dab Container

This is more about the material than actual look.  Silicone is non-stick so naturally the average container, and certainly some of the best containers are all silicone. 

These dabbing tools are great due to their portability, non-stick nature, and customizable colors. One of the most versatile options, silicone containers can come in small pouches to big jars or hexagons and are all virtually non-destructible due to the rubbery material. These useful containers can also come with multi-slot designs - such as very popular octagon containers - that can hold multiple wax strains separated from each other, efficiently and neatly. It is important to consider how much wax you will be storing and what type and size will suit your needs best.

Flat Dab Container

Flat containers are smaller variants that are basically mini and most importantly, thin boxes for wax storage. They normally come in silicone, but can be found in other materials as well. While they are great for portability and travel, they may not be large or functional enough to act as the house container for different strains. This flat style of dab bag is sleek and very customizable when it comes to color and style, and these are favorites for the dab nomads.

Glass Dab Container

A very stylish and fancy item, glass dab containers can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be fashioned into multi-slot containers and even smaller pouches, and while they can be fragile, the owners of this style of container love them for their versatility and unique aesthetic value.  Due to the breakability, having a home glass dab container can give you a sturdy and personalized accessory that will be the envy of your friends. 

How To Use a Dab Container?

A very simple accessory, dabber containers are easily utilized. Simply transfer the wax from the any inferior container it came in with a dabber tool. For jars with multiple slots, you can easily divert your different flavors to the different spots, and some people even label their containers with markers to better keep track of their inventory. Getting non-stick material such as silicone can be a big time and hassle saver as well.

How Do You Clean Dab Mat And Container?

As mentioned, most dab mats are made out of easy-to-clean materials and should clean up with soap and water. If you have a lot of buildup on a silicone dab mat, you can also scrub it with a paste of baking soda and warm water before rinsing.

Cleaning your container is simple. If you are using a vessel that is non-stick, such as silicone, you should not need to clean it. However, some containers are not as non-stick as others and require a bit of maintenance. If you are using a glass container, you can simply scrape as much of your wax together as you can and collect it. You may even notice that a good scraping will give you a couple of bonus dabs you were not expecting. After you have scraped as much as possible, further cleaning is as easy as cleaning a glass pipe or a filter screen. You can fully submerge your glass container in rubbing alcohol allowing it to soak for some time or you can use a soft rag or cotton swab soaked with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface of the glass. Since your concentrate has not been burnt or scorched, it should be very easy to wipe off with minimal scrubbing or soaking.

Commonly Asked Questions!

How To Choose A Dab Container ?

In order to find the ideal dab accessory, it is important to first think about a few things:

1.How much wax you consume

2.How many strains you keep on hand at a time

3.Is portability a concern?

Smaller, more durable options such as silicone multi-slots are more suited for the heavy dabbers that like to take their concentrate on the go, while more fancy and fragile glass containers may be a staple of your home dab corner. Using multiple slots helps to keep your flavors separated and organized. Based on your habits, you can decide which size, shape, and material will suit your needs.

What can I use as a dab container?

Silicone containers are the best at storing and collecting all of your concentrates every time. No other container will allow you to collect as close to 100% of your concentrates as possible. Glass, plastic, and other regular containers just cause your concentrates to stick and be left behind.