Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Concentrate Vaporizers

About  Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers are designed to vape concentrates such as waxes, dabs, oils, shatter, and other varieties of concentrate product. 

Your favorite concentrate is heated with the heating element, which raises the temperature until the vaporization point. Although it looks very different, it's effective, the same way you take a dab. In a sense, a portable concentrate vaporizer is like having an entire dab rig that fits in your pocket! 

Vaping wax

Working with concentrates can be tricky. They're incredibly sticky and hard to manipulate. It's challenging to get them to combust if you're trying to smoke them traditionally. Using a dab rig with a torch can be quite an intimidating experience for a newcomer.

Concentrate vaporizers solve all the difficulties usually faced when you work with concentrates. You don't have to worry about loading them or manipulating them with a dab tool every time you want a hit. Just fill the cartridge, and you're off to the races.

Also, you don't have to worry about working with open flames. As long as you have your battery charged (or a wall to plug into), you're golden. Just press the button and take a satisfying pull of concentrate vapor –potent stuff!

Benefits of the concentrate vapes

Concentrates are more intense than dry herbs. Since it's isolated and, therefore, powerful, you need less material to reach the same great hits as with dry herbs. Good to know when you're starting with a concentrate vaporizer. 

When vaporizing concentrate aromas and flavor aren't as strong with dry herbs. If you prefer a less intense taste, concentrates are the way to go. Nonetheless, concentrate vaporizers do give you powerful and better hits than regular smoking. Even the flavor is still more intense. 

Vaporizers are cost-effective and less smelly. The fact that they're easier on the lungs makes concentrate-vaporizes ideal for an everyday smoker. 

Best Vaporizers For Herbal And Concentrates  

At  best portable and desktop concentrate vaporizers that money can buy. Each one tried and tested by our team of experts so that we give our customers only the best. We have a dedicated selection of concentrate vaporizers which include all the top brands and devices like the G pen elite vaporizer, Mighty vaporizer, Linx Hypnos Zero and more

Our concentrate vape pens are designed for use with waxes, oils, shatters, BHOs (Butane Hash Oil), and whatever other sticky concentrates you wish. Wax vape pens usually typically operate at a higher temperature than dry herb vaporizers, this is because the heating point of these materials is much higher. But, this usually isn't a bad thing, as better temperature range means better tasting clouds. Another plus of dab pens is that - because extracts are much more potent you actually end up using less material, so you're saving money and even the battery life of your device.

So, join the 710 revolution today and order a top of the range concentrate vaporizer from EDIT - the world's largest headshop.