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Cali Crusher


Cali Crusher Grinders

The world's first designer grinder featuring our revolutionary 4-way Quick-Lock technology, indestructible radial cut blades, and our original smooth-contoured pollen catch. Proudly made in San Diego, CA, USA. Cali Crusher offers a range of bags and herb storage that are 100% smell-proof. Checkout HYDRA® 3-in-1 modular bubbler, Cali OSO®the dry herb vaporizer, or one of our signature pieces of glass.

Grind In Style With A Cali Crusher Grinder

Cali Crusher's four-piece Homegrown grinder has a removable panel for quick cleaning and maintenance. The storage compartment is locked with a four-way "Quicklock" mechanism that locks and unlocks with only a quarter switch. Cali Crusher's Homegrown grinder is a top-of-the-line grinder. The Homegrown grinder is made using the most modern grinding technologies available. The radial cut blades fluff the grind well, and the grooved finish makes it easy to grip.

Cali Crusher has budget choices for you but with high quality and longevity for regular vapers or smokers. The 2.35" 2 Piece Home Grown Grinder can give you a smooth vaping experience. Not to mention the variety of colors to choose from. About 13 different colors are available. The Cali Crusher herb grinder is compact, light, and can last very long; they even fit perfectly inside your pocket.

Where to Buy A Cali Crusher Grinder?

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