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Bubbler Pipes

Bubblers are spoon-like pipes with a chamber to fill with water in order to cool down your draws. A bubbler is a good choice for dry herb users looking to enjoy water filtration in a smaller device than a beaker. Water bubblers let your dry herb's flavor flourish by removing the taste of residue. Browse our large range of collections and discover which bubblers are a good fit for the next time you roll something up, and learn more about,

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At Weedipedia, we stock a great selection of glass bubbler pipes from top brands such as Eyce, Cali Crusher, GRAV, Marley Natural and many more. Choose from different sizes, shapes and colors to suit your taste and needs. 

What is a Glass Bubbler?

Bubblers are small to moderately sized glass water pipes. These mini bubblers use water to cool and filter smoke, providing a smooth, potent and pleasant tasting experience.

Most typically, a bubbler consists of the following components:

  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Air Chamber
  • Water chamber
  • Percolation system

Water in the bubbler acts to cool the vapor or smoke, making it feel much less harsh as you inhale. Water pipes like bubblers may also help clean the smoke from impurities.

Types of Bubblers

What to Look for in a Bubbler

Given the wide variety of bubblers, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for. A few considerations to keep in mind include:

Price: You can find bubblers at just about every price point. Decide how much you can afford and look for a sturdy, appealing bubbler that fits your budget.

Cleaning: Some bubbler pipes can be a challenge to clean, so keep in mind that intricate designs may be more difficult to clean. If you’re looking for one to use frequently, you may want to look for a simple scientific bubbler. We design all of our bubblers to be very simple to clean!

Stability: Some bubblers look amazing but might not be stable if you need to set them down and walk away. All of our bubblers have a built-in base to keep them steady when not in use.

Carb size: A carb is a small hole in the bubbler pipe that clears smoke from the chamber with fresh air, eliminating stale smoke. All of our bubblers have a carb for easy clearing and more flavorful smoke.

Overall size: Are you looking for something portable? Or do you anticipate leaving it at home most of the time? In general, bubbler pipes are smaller in size than traditional water pipes, but we take it to the next level. All of our bubblers are compact and highly portable!

How to Use a Bubbler

Bubblers are easy to set up and get started.

First, fill the chamber with cold water. You can pour water through the mouthpiece, stem depending on which bubbler you choose. Make sure you have the right amount of water by covering the carb and inhaling through the mouthpiece. If water splashes back, you have too much. It should bubble the entire time you inhale.

Next, make sure your bowl is clean and dry. Grind your dry herbs, roll them up, and twist your rollie into the bowl - you may need to apply a little moisture to the tip to ensure a good seal. Cover the carb with your finger or thumb. Light the bowl and begin to inhale through the mouthpiece. Remove your finger and finish inhaling.

Once you’re finished with your bubbler, dump out the water and run clean water through it. Let it air dry or use a rag to wipe it down.

If you’re in a rush, you can also use a bubbler without water. It’s not as smooth of an experience, but it can be done in a pinch.

What are the Advantages of Using a Bubbler?

Bubblers offer several advantages for its users. One of the most appealing aspects is the water filtration combined with portability. They’re smaller than other water-filtered delivery options; many can fit into a pocket or purse or be easily packed in a backpack. Since bubbler pipes made of glass, you’ll want to be careful about how you carry them, of course, but the glass is typically thick and can handle some wear and tear.

They’re not just practical, they also look great! With each of our bubblers, we incorporate unique designs into the glass that are not just super functional, they’re great to look at! They can make quite a statement when displayed on a shelf or coffee table.

Bubblers are simple to use and incorporate everything you need into an all-in-one piece. You don’t need to gather a bunch of gear or worry about a charger to enjoy all the benefits of the smooth smoke. You just need some freshwater and your ingredients of choice.

Bubblers FAQ

How does a bubbler work?

The bubbler is a simple to use smoking device. Fill your bubbler halfway with water, then drop your tobacco or herbs in the bowl. For improved airflow and combustion, put the herb loosely in the bowl. Then, you place your mouth on the mouthpiece and place your finger on the carb, if your bubbler has this feature. Finally, you light the bowl, inhale the smoke and relax.

How much water do you put in a bubbler?

There isn’t a standard amount of water to fill your bubbler with. It all depends on the size of the bubbler. In most cases, you just have to submerge the downstem. If you don’t have the downstem underwater then the smoke won’t travel through the water, and it will hit like a dry pipe. The water serves as a cooler for the smoke.

How durable are bubblers?

Our glass-made smoking devices, like bubblers, are made from high-quality, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Of course, you should handle the glass carefully, but because of the strong glass they are made of, our bubblers are quite durable. If you handle them with care and make sure they are cleaned properly our bubblers are designed to easily endure daily usage.

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