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Boundless Vaporizers & Accessories

Boundless has brought a new level of performance to the affordable, portable vaporizer market. Their vapes range from ultra-affordable conduction models to cutting-edge full convection vapes. Boundless burst onto the scene in 2016 with a pair of the most affordable and huge cloud producing portables vapes available – the Boundless CF and CFX. They’ve followed that up with an aggressive release schedule that included the Boundless CFC and CFV. So far, 2018 saw the release of the powerful Boundless Tera and the ultra-compact CFC 2.0.

Differences Between Boundless Vaporizers

There are three different models of vaporizers from Boundless technology in our offer – CFX, CF, and CFV. We get a lot of questions about the differences between them, so our experts prepared a short comparison, in which they point out the most important differences between the three popular vaporizers from Boundless Technology.

In terms of the design, Boundless CFX, Boundless CF, and Boundless CFV Vaporizer don’t differ too much – they all have a characteristic, foldable mouthpiece that goes into the cooling unit. Once you take it off, you get access to the heating chamber.

The CFX model is the largest of the three of them and it features a big, color display, while the CF and CFV models have more or less the same size, with CFV featuring a small LCD display and the CF communicates with the user through a system of LED diodes. That’s about it in terms of the looks.

The most important differences are in the way the three models work. We don’t sell the budget version of Boundless vaporizer – Boundless CFC Vaporizer – as it scored very low notes in our tests. Along with numerous comments about the faulty construction of the mouthpiece, it led us to the decision to not include this model in our offer.

Vaporization: the heating system and the heating speed

Both CFX and CF vaporizers have a hybrid heating system – the herbs are heated both with the walls of the chamber (conduction) and the stream of hot air (convection). This guarantees the production of a plentiful vapor from the very first draw and lets the user load the chamber with any amount of material he wishes.

The chamber doesn’t have to be full, just like in any conduction vaporizer. The powerful heating element guarantees instant heating – it takes from 15 to 25 seconds. Boundless CFV Vaporizer is a 100% convection device – the herbs are heated only with a stream of hot air and only while the user is taking a draw.

Boundless CFV also allows for the use of smaller amounts of material and the vapor production reaches its maximum potential after 2-3 draws. Boundless CFX and Boundless CFV offer a full temperature control (with one-degree precision), while Boundless CF has 5 temperature presets.

Efficiency And Chamber Size: CF/CFX Vaporizer Vs. CFV Vaporizer

Boundless CFX Vaporizer and Boundless CF have large heating chambers – they house up to 0.7 of finely-ground herbs, which makes these models very useful for group inhalations. Boundless CFV has a slightly smaller heating chamber that houses max. 0.15 g of ground herbs, which means that this vaporizer is better for solo sessions.

Due to the fully convective heating system, the efficiency of Boundless CFV is better than in the case of CFX and CF – in CFV, the material is heated only while the user is taking a draw. What’s more, the small chamber of CFV forces you to use less material. To sum up, Boundless CFV is more economical and efficient than Boundless CFX or Boundless CF.

Boundless Vaporizers: Vapor Quality, Quantity, And Flavor

All the three Boundless models in question let the user make huge clouds of vapor, but it’s a bit easier with Boundless CFX and Boundless CF – the draws don’t need to be as long as in the case of Boundless CFV and the device produces visible vapor from the very first draw.

The vapor quality in each of the 3 models is very high, but due to the convection heating, it stands out in the CFV model. The same goes for the vapor flavor – Boundless CFV guarantees the best vapor flavor from all the Boundless models and the vapor remains full of flavor throughout the whole session.

Boundless Vaporizers: Battery life

Just like any convection vaporizer, Boundless CFV uses quite a lot of energy to heat the herbs, so the battery life in this model is lower than in Boundless CFX and Boundless CF. A fully charged battery in Boundless CFV allows for about 5 sessions, the CF models – about 10 sessions, and the CFX model – between 10 and 15 sessions. In terms of battery life, CF and CFX perform much better than CFV.

Boundless CFX, CF, Or CFV Vaporizer – Which One To Choose?

Due to the large size, the CFX model is the least discreet from all Boundless vaporizers. CF and CFV are much more conspicuous. IF you’re planning to use your vaporizer outside, Boundless CF Vaporizer and Boundless CFV will guarantee a higher level of discreteness.

If you want a group session, Boundless CF and Boundless CFX are much safer because of their big heating chambers and a simpler inhaling technique. We advise you to get Boundless CFV when you want to have solo sessions and to taste the finest available herbs. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any concerns about the vaporizer from Boundless Technology.