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Bongs & Water Pipes

About Bongs & Water Pipes

Bongs and water pipes are the ultimate way to smoke. Using a system combining water filtration with large chambers, glass bongs do an excellent job of cleaning and cooling even the hottest and harshest smoke. Glass water pipes (bongs) have been a popular choice among smokers and tokers for more than 2,400 years!

At Weedipedia, you can find a great selection of quality bongs and water pipes in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your way of life. Whether you're looking for an elegant or slick model, we have you covered. Our selection includes glass bongs and water pipes from top brands such as Higher Standards, Eyce, Empire Glassworks, GRAV Marley Natural, and many more.

Please browse our selection of bongs and water pipes now to find the right one within your desired price range!

Types of Bongs & Water Pipes

Bongs are the highlight of smoking and are the best way to create a perfectly smooth smoking experience and express your personality in one of the best ways.

The water bongs have been around for hundreds of thousands of years since the first toker had the genius idea of using water to filter smoke. This makes a bong - often called water tubes - special from other smoking instruments.

You filter your smoke through the glass bongs water – sometimes in very complicated and interesting ways – before you take it in, resulting in a much cleaner, less harsh smoking experience, cooler, and overall more fun.

When it comes to choosing the best bong for you, we realize that there are so many shapes, sizes, and functions for a water bong. What is the difference between a glass bong and a silicone bong? What about a water pipe and a water bong?

Glass Bongs, Water Pipe, or Water Bong - What's the Difference?

There is a range of options to choose from when you buy bongs online. Bong language is critical to understand when finding the right water pipe for you. Everyone wants a special experience to smoke, and the bong you choose should be tailor-made for what you do! Read below to study the various kinds of bongs to find the best fit. Weedipedia is the best spot for purchasing bongs online at reasonable prices and good quality bongs.

Glass Bong

Glass bongs are just as the title says: a glass bong. Strong quality Bong such as Higher Standard's bongs are made from heat tolerant borosilicate glass and can be used repeatedly in heat stress conditions without breaking.  All glass bongs typically use water to filter smoke, meaning a glass bong may be referred to as a water bong or water pipe. If you don't use water in your glass bong, it's generally considered a "dry bong" and is not recommended since reaching without the water filtration process is even harder. The glass bongs are lovely and come in various shapes and sizes.

Water Bong

Any bong that allows for water filtration is referred to as a water bong. In general, we consider using a percolator, which greatly assists the water filtration process by producing more bubbles, making for substantially more cooling. A water bong is a glass, plastic, ceramic, or silicone bong with a straight tube for inhaling the smoke and uses water to cool and filter the smoke.

Water Pipe

Not to be confused with a dry pipe. Water pipes are generally glass bongs that are medium to small and use a tube to inhale from(but this may not always be the case). When referring to a water pipe, you may also be talking about a water bong or glass bong as well - starting to get the picture?

Silicone Bong

Unbreakable. Dishwasher safe. Goes anywhere. Silicone bongs are an excellent solution for budget smokers and travel smokers. Silicone bongs can often compress down to friendly travel size and are very popular as you never have to worry about it falling accidentally and dealing with shattered glass. A silicone bong can be a water bong as well.

Electric Bongs

Electric bongs remove torches from the equation in exchange for a heat-generating coil that heats up to a specific temperature, allowing dabbers to hit perfect temp dabs with little to no effort. Electric bongs and dab rigs are safer to use than a traditional bong, dab rigs that require heating quartz bangers or titanium nails, and a dry herb chamber with a blow torch. You can use water for the filtration process in electric bongs as well.

Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are small bongs that are great for travel or a bit more discretion. A mini bong gets everything done that a regular bong would but would have harsher hits compared to larger bongs because of the size. Great for budget smokers as well. A mini bong can also be known as a water pipe glass with water.

Heavy Bong

Heavy bongs are great for the smoothest hits because the smoke has the most time to cool off. They are sturdy and, of course, heavy, as the name implies. While being more expensive, these massive bongs generally are of excellent quality. A heavy bong that uses water can be referred to as a water pipe bong, and if your heavy bong is a glass bong, it can be referred to as water pipe glass bongs.

Bong Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

Now that you understand all the different sizes and variations of a glass water pipe, you will want to understand all the components of a bong so you can fine-tune and optimize your smoking sesh. By understanding all these different components, you can customize your bong for cooler hits, more bubbles and stop water from entering your mouth upon inhale. Let's take a look at all the smoking accessories of a bong.


Downstems are an integral part of any glass bong or water pipe. The downstem helps create bubbles inside your water bong, which gives more surface area for smoke to cook before it travels to the tube to be inhaled. Some downstems are built into a bong, while some bongs come with no downstem, and you can purchase a separate downstem to place into your bong. A diffused downstem is a removable downstem where you can have the option to use it or not.


A percolator is much like a downstem, but it's larger and forces much more bubbles when inhaling with a bong. That being said, it allows for more filtration, which makes it a very smooth and easy pull, making it very popular for smokers. Your smoking accessories collection would not be complete with a fantastic percolator.

Ice Pinch

Using ice has become very popular for cooling hits when using a bong pipe because it helps cool the smoke even more for a smoother rip. When placing an ice cube into the bong without an ice pinch, you don't get the best results. An Ice pinch helps "pinch" the ice right in the tube, so the smoke must travel through the ice first and then the bubbled water, giving you a very smooth hit without any harshness. Placing an ice cube into your bong without an ice pinch, you essentially are missing out on that double cooling process because the ice generally falls right into the bottom of the bong water.

Splash Guards

Sometimes if your bong is too small and your pull is too strong, you may get a bit of water pulled into your mouth. Dirty bong water in your mouth is something you want to avoid, which makes splash guards the perfect solution as it prevents water from entering your mouth upon inhalation with bongs and pipes.

Benefits of Using Water Pipes

You may wonder why smoke from a bong compared to rolling a joint? Bongs have many distinct advantages over other smoking methods. We have plenty of reasons why bongs are the best:

  • Bongs Catch Ash & Tar – When you are smoking a joint, cigarette, cigar, or blunt - you inhale tar and ashes directly into your lungs. When you smoke through a water-pipe, the water catches all of the ashes and tar. You will have to clean your bong every so often, but it’s better in your bong water than in your lungs!
  • Smooth Smoke – Bong technology is quite advanced. Multiple percolators create smaller streams of bubbles that filter through the water with more surface area, filtering and cooling them down to make your smoke velvety smooth.
  • Cool Rips - There are also ice-catches on many of our bongs and dab rigs, allowing the smoke to pass over ice and cool down even further than with just water, giving you the coolest smoking experience of your life – literally!
  • Reduce Any Harmful Effects Of Smoke – Filtering smoke through water takes out many of the harmful carcinogens and bacteria that might be in the smoke, drastically reducing the chances of cancer or any other diseases.
  • Self-Expression – Ultimately, if you will be using your bong to smoke every day, you want something that expresses who you are, and bongs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs so you can pick the perfect one to fit your life.

Best Place to Buy Bongs Online in 2021

When it comes to buying the best bongs, online Weedipedia has got you covered. With a wide range of selections, from large water bongs to your new favorite small water pipe bong, DHC makes sure there is a perfect bong for you. Not only do we sell high-quality and even hand-made glass bongs, but we also offer many artistic variations a well to match your style and expression. Browse our bongs in our collections above and make sure to set the filters to narrow down the search through all our fantastic water pipes.

How does a Bong Work?

Let’s not kid ourselves - the ultimate purpose of any bong is to give you the ability to inhale a lungful of flavorful, delicious herbs without the harsh heat and acidic burn of unfiltered smoke. The science behind achieving this perfect ideal is quite interesting.
The first and most important thing is understanding the idea of surface area. When it comes to filtering smoke through water, the surface area is important - see, the more your smoke makes contact with the water, the more heat, tar, and carcinogens are filtered out, and the smoother your smoking experience.

If you think big bubbles have the most surface area, think again! Imagine a big bubble of smoke and think about how much surface area that bubble has - then imagine if you split it into two bubbles right down the middle. Those two smaller bubbles have more surface area together than the big one did by itself.

A bong generally has a bowl where you place the herb. You then light the bong, and the smoke travels through the water to filter and cool, then travels up the straight tube into your mouth. Bongs can add extra filtration with a perc or ice pinch.
That’s exactly how percolators and other smoking technology works. By sending bubbles through tubes and breaking them down into smaller bubbles, you expose more of your smoke’s surface area to the water, cleaning it much more thoroughly before it gets to your lungs.

Other “swiss cheese” style chambers break down bubbles further and increase the amount of time the bubbles are underwater, further increasing filtration.
Finally, many of our bongs also have ice catchers, which cool the smoke down the rest of the way to room temperature or even slightly below -- removing the heat, which can burn your throat and cause you to “choke” on smoke.

The result is the enjoyment of delicious, full-flavored smoking with insanely smooth, almost creamy, and cool inhalations and no coughing!

What Bong to Buy?

When it comes to deciding which bong to buy, it ultimately comes down to your personal need. Finding the best bong for you can be an easy process if you understand which bong style fits your needs. If you are a beginner and want something simple, we recommend the general bongs and water pipes. If you are traveling all the time and traveling, then a silicone bong will be great. If you are budgeting, you may want to look into mini bongs, acrylic, and silicone. If you have money to spend on something amazing, then go for the glass bongs with extra accessories like showerhead perc and an ice pinch.

What is Joint Size on a Bong

Joint size is another common term that will appear when searching to buy a bong online.

The joint size needs to be correct because you need to seal off any air entry points for a bong to work. The diameter in which the joint meets the bong must be a precise fit. If you choose the wrong joint size or the wrong gender (male or female), it may not be compatible.

No need to sweat; Weedipedia shows the exact joint size and gender you need when selecting any of the bongs in our online head shop. Understanding the different joint sizes on your bongs and pipes is important when knowing what type of hits you will get from your water bong.

For example, the standard size of bong joints is usually around 10 mm to 29.2mm. If you choose a 29.22 mm joint size, be prepared for huge and powerful hits.
Standard water bong joint sizes 10mm, 14.5mm, 18.8mm, and

How to Clean my Bong?

When it comes to cleaning a bong, we recommend staying clear of alcohol and salt as they can be harmful to your bong, health, and the environment. Make sure to use a bong cleaner to work more efficiently and not damage your bong with coarse salt. To make your cleaning easier, use res caps to seal your bong's open entry's so you can shake the solution. Cleaning your bong is easy as you just put the solution in the bong and the bong cleaner does all the work!