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Big Bongs

Big and huge bongs for sale

Looking for a massive piece of glass to be the centerpiece of every smoking session? You’ve found the right place!

When it comes to the world of bongs and glassware, size comes with many benefits. The most obvious being the increased size of the chamber, lending you the ability to take a truly massive rip.

But the ability to move more smoke into your lungs is just one of the boons of owning a big bong. The increased surface area gives the smoke more space to diffuse and more time to cool down as it travels through the bong. All that extra room also gives you plenty of space to deck out your bong with fancy gizmos like percolators, ash catchers, and ice traps.

If you’re going to get a big bong -- and we mean a really big bong -- there is no easy way to get around the presence of such a towering piece of glassware. As such, many of our best big bongs are extremely eye-catching.

These intricate pieces of glasswork are as functional to smoke from as they are stunning to look at. For serious stoners, your big bong is likely to become the centerpiece of your living room!

Which big bong should I choose?

Big bongs tend to come in two varieties; jam-packed with features or dead simple straight tubes. While adding lots of accessories is a great way to make use of the extra space, every intricacy drives the cost of the bong up and makes cleaning it that much more difficult

If you’re looking to take a monster hit but aren’t looking for some massive rig full of percolators and ash catchers, take a look at our dead simple straight tube big bongs. These allow you to get a huge chamber of smoke without dropping a small fortune on glassware.

Of course, as soon as you see our top of the line big bongs, you’ll probably be wanting to spend a few extra dollars.

Advantages of big bongs

  • Gigantic hits. Take your hits to the next level with a big bong.

  • Durability. Most big bongs are made with thicker glass and therefore the bong will last longer.

  • Accessories. Big bongs allow you more accessories, such as ash catchers and unique bong bowls.

  • Easier to clean. Although cleaning is much harder with extra accessories, most bongs are easier to clean in contrast with mini bongs. 

  • More percolation. Of course big bongs have more room for percolation giving you better and smoother hits.

Our biggest bongs are around 22 inches in height. Bigger is better! Get yours now.

Accessories for your big bong

Don’t forget to get the right accessories for your big bong. Discover the perfect accessories in our online headshop: