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Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+


Weed Pipes

Weedipedia provides the best glass hand pipes or spoon pipes for your smoking pleasure. Hand pipes are easy, portable bowls to pack dry herb and toke on the go. Shopping for cool weed pipes? Come buy the perfect glass pipe for smoking weed here at Weedipedia!

What is a smoking pipe?

A smoking pipe is the perfect device for easy and efficient smoking.The most essential part is the mouthpiece; the mouthpiece helps you inhale the smoke. A bigger mouthpiece allows more air to pass through and give you a bigger hit. At Grasscity we have one of the largest collections of smoking pipes. Pipes come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Most users prefer a specific material for their pipes due to the look and feel, but also because of other material properties such as how easy the material can be cleaned.

Types of Smoking Pipes

Why should I use a glass smoking pipe?

Glass pipes are the most common of smoking pipes because of their good pricing, cool looks and great smoking capabilities. Glass pipes are the cheapest options if you like your smoke to be really cool. The only downside of using glass is that it tends to break easier than other materials so be careful with your precious pipe. Did you know that we also offer the finest glass blunts? They are a perfect solution if you like smoking blunts but you don’t like the hassle of rolling one.

Why are many pipes traditionally made from wood?

Wooden pipes have been around since people knew how to make a fire. Wood was easy to come by and could be easily manufactured into a great smoking attribute. Wood remains popular even today because of excellent smoking properties and the cool organic look and feel. Do note that where most pipes can be cleaned by using rubbing alcohol or other solvents, wood can only be cleaned by scrubbing or scraping the resins out of the pipe.

What are the pros and cons of acrylic pipes?

Let’s start out with the pros. Acrylic pipes are durable, don’t get hot, are light and have their own unique look. They are even easy to clean. The only con they might have is that their colors do stand out, so if keeping it low key is your thing, you might have to look at something else. We have a selection of easy to hide stealth pipes for you over here.

Why choose ceramic or stone pipes?

Both ceramic pipes and stone pipes have the same qualities. They excel in delivering cool smoke and are really durable and easy to clean. They are also something you don’t see everyday. Many reasons to get yours now.

Which type of pipe is right for me?

Making the right choice for smoking gear is important, especially when you take your smoking seriously. Social smokers or die-hards that like to go the extra mile often want a bigger load capacity. Make sure you take a look at our sherlock pipes or spoon pipes, these pipes have enough load capacity. If you’re more of a casual smoker you might be better suited by using the most regular of pipes, the spoon pipe. You can also go old-school and go for a chillum. These fit into your pocket easily and are great for personal use. The One Hitter are also small, quick and discreet one-toke smoking device that can contain a very small amount of herbs. For something that stands out from the rest and that definitely gives you extra style points, check out our sherlock pipes or cool pipes sections. These are something different and will give some extra flair to your smoking habit. Those that don’t want to stand out we advise to take a look at our stealth pipes or dugout pipes. Some of our dugout pipes even feature a small space to protect your stash from being noticed.