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Vape coils, atomizer heads and replacements keep your vape tank fresh and your e-liquids tasting their best. The atomizer in your unit is responsible for heating and vaporizing your e-liquid – it’s the workhorse of your setup.

The mechanics are relatively simple – a coil of wire is wrapped in some type of wicking material, and the e-liquid is absorbed by the wick. When you activate your device, your vape batteries heat your coil and the e-liquid is vaporized. The biggest variable in your replacement coil choice is the resistance, which lets you customize your vaping to your preference. Lower ohms mean more current and a hotter coil, which means warmer and more voluminous vapor. If you prefer a cooler vape, go with a higher resistance coil. We carry atomizers, coils, vape tanks from Puffco, PaxDr. Dabber, G Pen, Kandypens, Pulsar, Yocan and many more.

It is a necessary evil to replace the coils in your atomizer. If you have ever gone too long before replacing them, you know how your vape juice's taste and consistency can be negatively affected. Fortunately, to hold your vaping system in tip-top condition, Weedipedia holds a huge choice of vape coils for offer.

Signs that You Need New Replacement Coils

Vape coils in most atomizers usually last from 7-14 days. Obviously, the more you vape and the hotter you vape, the more frequently you need your coils to be replaced and they're going to get burned out quicker. If you have been without replacements much longer than this, you can expect to purchase new ones right away. A notable burnt taste and a decrease in the amount of vapor being produced, or variation in the strength of your vapor, are some of the signs that your coils are going out. A coil that has burned out or accumulated too much debris to sufficiently heat the juice does this. If you've been trying without success to clean your coil, it's time for a repair.

Tips for Buying Replacement Coils

You will need to consider multiple things when you continue to shop. Next, there may be some distinct wire materials available, including Kanthal, Titanium, and Nickel, depending on the product you are using. Kanthal is the most common if you are unsure of what to get. If you are using a temperature control system, you should use one of the other lower-resistance materials.

The resistance ratings of the coils you are looking for should also be looked at. Higher resistance ratings mean that to create a vapor cloud, the coils may not get as hot and will be slower, whereas lower resistances appear to generate hotter, denser vapor clouds.

In ceramic or mesh types, new coils appear to come, which have been revised to support the most recent vaping trends. As they take longer to heat, ceramic coils tend to generate less vapor than normal coils but maintain heat better than regular coils. If you enjoy vaping salt nic vape juices, since they seem to provide a better flavor, ceramic coils are the chosen type of coil. Ceramic coils help to stop coughing or inhaling too much of the vapor at once if you do a lot of MTL (mouth to lung) vaping. On the other hand, mesh coils are better for vaping DL (direct to lung) and can help create more smoke, which equals greater clouds. Sub-ohm vapers usually dedicate themselves to mesh coils for this purpose. As mesh coils tend to get hotter than ceramic coils, they probably won't last as long. This is all up to a vaper's choice on what type of coil to use.

How to Prime Your New Vape Coils?

There are several steps you can take to boost the lifetime of each one after you've replaced the vape coils in your atomizer. Priming them up front will prevent you from getting a dry strike when you start using them for the first time. you can do this by adding a drop or two of liquid directly onto the coil and allowing it to soak down into the wick, you will do this. This will keep the wick moist even though it works as you vape to pull in new liquid from the vape tank.

How to Make Replacement Coils Last Longer?

You may also clean them to prolong their lifetime, aside from priming your coils. Over time, washing the coils will save them from heating unevenly and wearing down. And, luckily, it is also pretty easy to clean them. Only rinse them in hot water, kindly shake them off, and use a soft cloth to wipe off some burning gunk. Then reinstall and re-prime them in your atomizer.

You may want to do a dry burn instead of getting rid of some extra juice if you don't have time to let your coils dry after washing. This basic method of cleaning takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is empty the bottle, take out the wick, and make sure there is no e-liquid left around the coils. Then clearly blast the system until it burns out every trace of remaining liquid for a few seconds. This will provide you with quick cleaning and will give you the ability to check your coils and see if there are any hotspots.

You have several choices when it comes to picking e-liquids. The fact is that liquids with high-VG are heavier than liquids with high-PG. Although high-VG liquids create bigger, denser clouds, more residue in your atomizer often appears to be left behind. With that in mind, if you are using these liquids, you should focus on washing your coils more frequently. Fruity vape juice flavors that are highly acidic can definitely do a number on your atomizer and its interior parts as well, so keep this in mind as you shop.

This guide should be enough to help you understand when your coils can be updated and how you can extend their lifetime. As soon as your vapor begins to feel a burned flavor, or no flavor at all, you should take the time to clean your coils. It is time to go ahead and replace them if it worsens over time. If you are a very big vaper, you will have to change your atomizer coils every week, but with good care, many individuals will get 2-3 weeks out of them.