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Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Vaporizers use high Quality Components & Optimized Heating & are delivering quality vapor production. Desktop vaporizers from Arizer like the V-Tower and Extreme Q offer high performance at an affordable price, while their portable vape, the Air 2, is easy-to-use on-the-go. 

Arizer has been making vaporizers for over a dozen years now, building a reputation for high quality at great prices. Ceramic heaters, glass stems, and stainless steel bowls and screens have been at the heart of all their vapes for years, and your taste buds will thank you. Your wallet will thank you, too, for the incredible value built into every Arizer vape. Whether it’s the Solo for a little more than $100, or the ArGo for just over $200, you’ll be very hard pressed to find vapes that taste this good, at these prices.

Desktops - the Extreme Q and V-Tower

Arizer has been making vaporizers so long that their first ones were desktops, with the debut of the V-Tower and Extreme (the “Q” was added to the name later). The sign of a good design is passing the test of time, and other than continual performance upgrades, these desktops have remained largely unchanged since their releases. If you mostly vaporize at home, or have a large herbal appetite, desktops vapes get the job done with unlimited plug-in power, and larger bowls than their portable versions.

Lots of portable options

Arizer is up to five portables and counting, all offering remarkably similar vapor from the same heating technology. They kicked it off in 2011 with the wildly popular Arizer Solo, which has since dropped so much in price that it’s an obvious choice for budget shoppers. The Arizer Air improved on the Solo by taking up less space, and adding user-replaceable batteries. Eventually, these vapes needed updating, and Arizer brought us the Solo 2 and Air 2, with full temperature control and a host of digital features. The ArGo is their latest creation, which has all the features and fits in your pocket, and feels like the portable Arizer was meant to make.

How do you Choose the Right Vaporizer?

Choosing the correct vaporizer also makes you feel like a hard call. Still, it comes down to personal opinion, which you can still consider. It is generally determined whether you previously sought or whom you said to get your input whether you like anything such as wax vapour or a dry herb steam. Whatever vaporizer you select, it's always a smart rule to choose the new iteration of the vaporizer, since they will also have the last one improved. In the case of a dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Air II and Arizer Solo II are two examples of vaporizers that would check both of those boxes off. The sleeker, smaller, and more powerful models have features that you will not find with its older model, the Arizer Air, and the Arizer Solo. With a focus on improving the airflow, the Arizer Air II and the Arizer Solo II have enhanced temperature ranges, more extended battery lives so you will not have to charge your vape regularly, and glass vapor paths to provide a smooth and tasty draw each time. Each improvement with the vapes is designed to make it a better overall experience for you.

How Do You Pack An Arizer Vape?

The Arizer vaporizers we discussed above are all dry herb vapes. As a result, they should be packed with herbs and have first been through a grinder. Doing so will produce the most efficient vape. It is important to remember not to pack it too tight. A tightly packed vape will prevent the hot air from circulating in the vaporizer.

How Do You Adjust the Temperature of Arizer Vaporizer?

This ultimately comes down to the type of vaporizer you own. Some of the vapes, like the Solo II, are temperature controlled with a precise digital control feature on the vaporizer. However, the Air II’s temperature features use a ceramic heating element and colors on the vaporizer to notify you of what the current temperature range is. Before you use, make sure to read the vaporizer manual first so you can fully understand the controls of the vape and what temperatures work best.

How Do You Charge Arizer Battery?

The portable Arizer vaporizers, like the Air II, Solo II, and Argo, have rechargeable batteries in them. The batteries recharge with a micro USB cable, the same one that is often used to charge a cell phone. Some of the vaporizers offered, like the Air II and Solo II, will even allow you to use them while they are charging. There will never be a moment where you have to wait to use your Arizer.

How Do You Use Arizer Vape?

Generally speaking, most vapes have similarities when it comes to turning it on and off with the five quick clicks. Loading herbs into the vape are also very similar along with keeping the mouthpiece clean of debris. All dry herb vapes should have the herbs go through a grinder before use. In the end, it is essential to read the manual of each vape before use because each one will have specific instructions on how to use it properly, such as the varying vape pen temperature control features.