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Aerospaced Grinders

Aerospaced Grinder offers the perfect grind every time. Made from premium high quality aluminum, they're light yet durable with sharp diamond teeth that guarantee to leave you with the perfect fluffy herbs. Made From Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Anodized For Smooth Finish Extremely Durable Razor-Sharp, Diamond-Shaped Teet, Lifetime Warranty.

Aerospaced grinders are CNC machined from a single block of high-grade aluminum. Each grinder is made to precise specifications and all pieces fit together perfectly every time. With a wide selection of styles and colors, it'll be easy for you to find a high-quality Aerospaced grinder that's perfect for you.


Most herb grinders feel as though they're made as novelties, not kitchen-grade utensils. The caps get gummed up with resin, the blades quickly dull, it's a mess. But where most other grinders fail, the Aerospaced 4-Piece excels.

What Is Aerospaced 4-piece Grinder?

Grind like the Wind! A stainless steel 50mm single-stage herb grinder with an integrated screen and keef catcher.

Who's It For?

Smokers, tokers, blunt wrappers, and tea makers.

Cutting-edge Design

Made from anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, the Aerospaced 4-piece is CNC milled from a solid block. The upper cover/grind plate magnetically affixes to the lower grind plate where their ludicrously sharp teeth shred even the densest nugs. The processed plant matter falls through to a screened collections area that unscrews from the lower plate. The screen side of the collection section is capped with a screw-on keef catcher that conveniently stores a keef scraper as well.

How to Use Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder?

Aerospaced is one of the finest grinders I've ever used, well-built and designed for efficiency. The magnetic upper cap makes the initial twists much easier than with screw-top models. Instead of having to line up the threads while trying to press the teeth through nugs, you simply shove this cap down until it's flush and start turning. Despite the aluminum casing having very few grip patterns, it's surprisingly easy to open. Like, A solid grinder/stashbox in its own right—would constantly bind due to the torque needed to twist the grinder. With the Aerospaced's super sharp blades and unibody design, no matter how hard I twist the upper stages, the collection section is always easily accessible.

The best part shred is just fantastic. Superfine, even the occasional stem is no match—and perfect for rolling.

    Should I Buy an Aerospaced Grinder?

    Aerospaced grinders that work equally well in your smoking room as it does in your kitchen and performs its duties with fantastic effectiveness. What's not to love?

    Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder Specs

    • Dimensions: 2 inches D x 1.5-inches H
    • Weight: 10 ounces
    • Color Options: Silver, Green, Red, Purple, Black, Blue
    • Price: $21.95 at Weedipedia