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Why do you need to grind weed? We have all the answers

Why do you need to grind weed?

Think you can get away with not grinding your weed? Think again. 

Whether you chronically lose yourweed grinder, you’re new to smoking or you’re just lazy, you may have found yourself wondering ‘do you have to grind weed’? Grinding your weed isn’t only necessary for a smooth smoking experience, it has a whole host of other benefits too. 

Curious? Read on to find out why you should grind your weed, and how to do it best. 

Ok so, why grind weed?

We love grinding our weed, from the ritual of it to the deliciously, lemony, kushy smells it sets free. Here are the basic reasons why you should use a weed grinder. 

It’s easier to smoke ground weed

Have you ever tried just popping a whole bud into the bowl of your bong and lighting it? Not so good. 

Grinding your weed makes it much more consistent: all those equally sized particles are going to burn much more evenly and smoothly than a big chunk of flower will, which in turn will give you a much smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. 

Not only that, grinding your weed is crucial if you want to roll a joint, as you need to be able to spread it out evenly in the skin before rolling it up. Try rolling a joint with a whole bud, we dare you. 

So do you have to grind weed to get smooth, clean smoke? Absolutely. 

You can pack your bowl more densely

Grinding your weed in a grinder can actually result in getting more intense hits from bongs or vapes if you do it right. 

By grinding weed up to a finer consistency, you’re able to really pack the bowl and still get a bigger surface area of cannabis to light (think about it: ground weed has a smooth surface when packed in, whereas flower has all sorts of awkward lumps and bumps to light.)

You can separate the crystals from the bud

Yeah we know that sounds insane, bear with us. 

All marijuana flower is covered in tiny little crystals called trichomes (some people call it kief) that are made up of high concentrations of both cannabinoids and flavonoids, so basically they’re strong and they’re tasty. 

Grinding your weed can knock a lot of the crystals off the bud, but many grinders come with little bottom chambers specifically for collecting them. These crystals can then be dusted on top of moonrocks, on top of your joint mix before it’s rolled, and even used in baking to get that extra potent high. 

Do you have to use a weed grinder to get that sweet kief? You sure do. 

Ground weed is better for baking

On the topic ofbaking with marijuana, whipping up a batch of space cakes is ten times easier when you use weed that’s been finely milled in a grinder. 

Finely ground weed can be spread evenly through a baking mix, which will ensure it gets heated evenly when cooking, releasing all that delicious THC you’re after. 

So finally, do you have to grind weed for baking? Yes you do. 

Why grind weed if I can just break it up?

Weed bud in grinder

Want that sticky icky all over your fingers? Thought not. 

Here’s a quick look at why we prefer grinding our weed over other methods of breaking up the bud, from scissors to finger chopping. 

Grinding weed is cleaner

All the work in one tiny little cylinder. 

Weed grinders are designed to be as efficient and mess-free as possible, so you won’t end up with bits of bud all over you. Finger chopping weed will leave you with some seriously sticky (and stinky) fingers, and scissors can send little chunks flying left, right and center. Not ideal really. 

With a weed grinder, you just pop it in, grind, and go. Then go back for that tasty kief when the time is right. 

Grinding weed is faster

Finger chopping and other alternatives to weed grinders can take a whole chunk out of your precious smoking time. 

Simply throwing some weed in a grinder and twisting it for a few seconds will do the trick. Can’t argue with that. 

Grinding weed is more consistent than finger chopping

We’ve gone over the importance of an even grind when it comes to using weed in joints, vapes and baking, and nothing achieves this like a grinder does. 

When you finger chop weed, it’s extremely difficult to get really fine, consistent bits of weed without spending hours on end at it. A weed grinder manages this in seconds. 

What kind of weed grinder should you buy?

Weed grinders come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can be confusing. We’ve got the lowdown on the most common types. 

Single Chamber 

Your standard two piece,single chamber weed grinder

These nifty little grinders have two pieces that fit together, which have little spiky teeth on the inner surface. They’re the most common kind of grinder, the neatest in your pocket and usually the cheapest. 

The downside is the lack of extra chamber to catch all that lovely kief. 

Three Chamber

Three chamber grinders are made up of four pieces in total, and have a chamber for grinding, another to catch the ground weed and third to catch the kief. 

They’re a little pricier and a little bulkier, but three chamber grinders are by far the most popular amongst regular smokers, especially thanks to the kief chamber. 


Electric grinders are ideal for those with limited mobility, or those who just don’t feel like manually grinding their weed. 

They have a tendency to grind weed super fine, so are best used for prepping your bud for vaping or cooking. 

How to grind up weed 

Weed finely ground in grinder

Sold? Here’s how to use a weed grinder, in case you didn’t know. 

Step 1: Put in your weed

Open up your grinder. Break up any large chunks of bud, and place them in the grinder. You want to place them around the edges (not in the middlethey won’t get ground there) of the bottom portion of your grinder. 

Step 2: Do the twist

Put the lid of the grinder back on, and give it about 12 to 15 twists or rotations. You can open it up carefully to see how your weed looks, and if there are a few missed chunks, put the lid back on and tap to loosen them up. Repeat the twisting motion until the weed is evenly ground. 

Step 3: Harvest your rewards

Tap the ground weed gently out of the grinder into your joint, bag or whatever other receptacle you want. If you have a three chamber grinder, open up the very bottom chamber and scrape out the kief! 

Step 4: Keep it clean

Clean out your grinder regularly to make sure it’s always working properly. Wipe out the insides with a soft cloth, scraping out any sticky resin, rinse in clean water and allow to dry completely before using. 

Now you know how to grind weed with a grinder!

So in conclusion, do you have to grind weed? You absolutely do. 

We have every kind of grinder you need at Weedipedia. If you have any more questions, or just want to chat, get in touch with the team; they’re always happy to help!

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