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Dab pens: everything you ever wanted to know

Dab Pen Outdoors

What is a dab pen?

It’s a vaporizer, but for dabs. Dab pens are hard-hitting little vapes that use THC concentrate to give you a quick and intense high, with THC levels up to nine times stronger than you’d get from a joint. Pretty cool, huh?


Got it, but what’s dabbing?

No, not the dance move. Dabbing is basically consuming cannabis concentrate through a vaporizer. It’s way more fun than the dance move, in fact. 


What comes in a dab pen?

Similar to a vape or e-cigarette, a dab pen looks and feels like a pen, except instead of ink inside, it has a chamber, a coil, and a battery, and instead of writing with it, you smoke it...you get the picture. 


It’s all pretty simple, really: the chamber holds both the coil and the dab, the coil melts and vaporizes the dab, and the battery keeps it all running. Most dab pens are rechargeable. 


What do you put in a dab pen?

Surprise surprise– the answer is dabs. Shatter, crumble, honeycomb; whatever form of THC concentrate you want to smoke, it’s melted and vaporized in the chamber of the dab pen and delivers a sweet, sweet high directly to you. 

Here’s the science bit.

  • Dabs form when CO2 or butane passes through the cannabis flowers or plants in a tube.

  • When the butane or CO2 evaporates, it leaves behind a sticky concentrate called dab. 

That’s it. Thanks, science.  


What’s better, dabs or flower?

How high can you go? Strong weed typically has 20% THC, whereas dabs can have as high as 90%, so if you’re new to the cannabis world, start with flower or start extremely slow with dabs. 

For pain relief, dabs are the way to go thanks to their clean hit and instant effects. They don’t need any tobacco in a dab pen, either, which is a major plus if you don’t like it or you’re avoiding nicotine.


What’s the difference between a dab pen, a vape pen and a wax pen?

We humans sure do love variety. Vape pens, dab pens and wax pens all sound similar, but they’re really not. The main difference between them is the type of cannabis they use, and if you get confused, remember that it’s all in the name. 

Vape pens
Vape pens are battery-powered cannabis vaporizers. Instead of a chamber with a coil where wax is loaded, a vape pen instead uses cartridges with liquid cannabis oil. Very tasty. 
Wax pens
Wax pens are similar to vapes but vaporize wax concentrates. They have a chamber for the wax instead of holding cartridges. Also tasty. 

Dab pens

Dab pens are the same as wax pens but for dabs – keeping up? They’re not suitable for oil or liquid, but they provide a clean, strong high. Delicious. 
Sometimes people refer to dab pens as wax pens, but those people are just plain wrong (sorry). You can put a dab in a wax pen, but you can’t put wax in a dab pen, only dabs. Phew. 


How are dab pens, vape pens, and wax pens similar?

For one, they’re all battery charged and mostly rechargeable. They all look pretty similar too, like the fancy pens your Grandpa used to have when you were a kid that you weren’t allowed draw with. 

They’re all easy to carry around thanks to their small size, so they’re discrete too; handy for when you want a sneaky hit out and about. On that note, dab pens and their cousins don’t give off much smell either. Most importantly, they’re all super easy to use (yes, even when you’re already high).


What are the main things I need to know about a dab pen, then?

Here's a quick lowdown. 

It vaporizes dabs
First and foremost, you put dabs in it. Nothing else, just pure, beautiful dabs, and it’ll vaporize them and give you a clean, strong high. 

You need to clean it
Dab pens get dirty over time because of the way they’re loaded, so make sure to clean yours regularly to avoid any build-up of residue that’ll ruin the flavor of your smoke. 

You need to get your dab quantity right
You kind of have to figure this out with your own tolerance levels and dab pen, but once you have the right quantity of dab down, you’ll be flying high.


How to use a dab pen

Dab Pen At Home


Once you know what goes where, it’s as easy as high. 

  1. Step One

Unscrew the mouthpiece. Some are spring loaded, so if yours is, do that instead. 

  1.  Step Two

Using a dab tool or stick, load the tank with dab and drop it on the coil.

  1.  Step Three

Hold the power button for a couple of seconds to warm it up and settle the wax. 

  1.  Step Four

Screw the mouthpiece back on. 

  1.  Step Five

OK, this one is obvious: turn your dab pen on.

  1.  Step Six

Hold the button to fill the chamber with vapor, then suck in that sweet, smoky haze. 

The pros and cons of using a dab pen



Smoother than smoking flower

Hard to clean


Best for experienced users


Needs regular cleaning

Stronger high

More effort than a vape pen


Coils need replacing


Pros of using a dab pen

Well first, they’re just delicious. Dab pens give a really smooth vaporizing experience, and a really clean high, plus they’re small enough to fit in your pocket and discrete enough to smoke in public. 

If you’re not a tobacco fan, dab pens are cool because they don’t use any, and they’re also great if you’re vaping marijuana for pain relief thanks to the purity and strength of the hit you get. 
Ten points to dab pens.

Cons of using a dab pen

You have to clean them, and who actually likes cleaning? Nobody.  

The danger of whiting out is definitely there too, especially for inexperienced dabbers. We can’t fix the cleaning problem, but we can recommend going slow for your first couple of dabs until you know your limits. 

Still ten points to dab pens, because it’s all worth it.

How much is a dab pen?

So, is dabbing worth it? Clearly! Which leads us on to the next question: how much is a dab pen going to set you back?

But first, the dabs. Keep in mind that one dab will get you much more baked than a regular joint, which brings the cost per use of your dab pen way down already. 
Investing in a dab pen will cost as little as $29, all the way up to $85 and beyond depending on the model you go for. Naturally, the more you spend the fancier the dab pen, but the cheapest dab pens will still provide a good strong hit of weedy goodness.  


When considering how much to spend on a dab pen, think about how long you want to get out of it and how often you’ll be using it and spend accordingly. For seasoned professionals, we’d always recommend a high spec dab pen to get the best highs. 

FAQs about dab pens

If you still think dab pens have something to do with a viral internet dance move, you’d better read our FAQs below. 


Do dab pens smell?

The tiniest bit, but it’s not noticeable. The smell from a dab pen is subtle enough to not attract any attention when you’re out and about. And come on...who doesn’t want a little dank stink when they smoke?


Do dab pens need chargers?

Most come with chargers. How often you need to charge it depends on your dab pen and how often you use it.


How long does it take a dab pen to charge?

Charging time for a dab pen depends on the battery size. Under 1000mAh can take as little as 30 minutes. A battery between 2500mAh and 3000mAh can take three to four hours to charge fully.


Can you drive after hitting a dab pen?

Never, ever blaze and drive. It’s not safe under any circumstance. Not even with dab pens.


Can you bring a dab pen on a plane?

Yep, but only in your carry-on luggage. Because most dab pens have lithium-ion batteries, they’re not allowed in the hold. You cannot bring cannabis products onto a plane (no, not even dabs).


Here at Weedipedia, we not only have a wide range of dab pens, we have experts on hand to answer all your questions. Check out our dab pens now, and get blazing. 

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