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What is a dab of weed?

cannabis concentrate

Our guide to the different types of cannabis concentrate.

Just like people, weed comes in all different shapes and sizes, and we think all of them are equally beautiful. 

The weed world has grown immensely in recent years, and with it all sorts of new strains, new ways of smoking and new trends have sprung up.To be honest, it can get a little confusing out there. 

You’ve heard us mention dabs a bunch of times already, but do you still find yourself wondering ‘what is a dab of weed though’? Well fear not, we have the answer right here. 

Ok so, what are cannabis concentrates?

A cannabis concentrate is essentially made by extracting all the good cannabinoids and terpenes from the bud. You're left with an intense, highly-potent, concentrated form of cannabis without any of the surrounding fluff. 

Concentrate comes in a few different forms, but each one is packed to the brim with THC and CBD, so they’re all pretty much guaranteed to pack a punch. 

What are the different types of cannabis concentrates?

Here’s where things get a little more confusing. There are a good few types of cannabis concentrates out there, and they all have slightly different methods of use. 

Collectively known as dabs, here are the stars of the show:


Like a crystal clear sheet of delicious caramel, shatter is basically a candy-like sheet of weed concentrate that gets its name from the way it shatters when broken. 

  • How do you use shatter?

You can crumble your shatter up into a joint, smoke it in a dab rig, or pop it into a vape pen. If you’re using a dab rig, just place a piece straight in. If you want to smoke it in a joint, you can sprinkle it on top of tobacco (or weed for an extra strong high.)


This sticky substance is the consistency of soft candle wax, so you’ll need a dabbing tool or another utensil to actually use it. Trust us, it’s really, really sticky. 

Wax can come as a thick, soft goo known as ‘budder’, or as a crumbly, drier substances known as ‘honeycomb.’

  • How do you use wax?

You can add it to joints (this works best with honeycomb), or smoke it in a dab rig. You can also buy special vape pens designed exclusively for wax concentrates. All you have to do is scoop up a little bit of wax, pop it in and inhale away. 


Rosin’s grown in popularity lately as it doesn’t use any chemicals in its extraction process. Somewhere between a wax and shatter, rosin is somewhat like a thick oil, and is known for being particularly flavorful. 

  • How do you use rosin?

Bowl, dab rig, joint, vape pen - you name it, rosin is ready for it. Just pop it in and you’re good to toke. 


The most common place you’ll find cannabis oil is in a vape pen. You can get it in pre-filled cartridges, or syringes for filling up a pen yourself. It’s also the most popular choice of dab for CBD. 

  • How do you use weed oil?

vape pen is your best bet here, but you can also smoke oil using a dab rig. You just want something that isn’t going to make too much mess. 

What’s the best cannabis concentrate?

cannabis shatter

It’s like picking a favorite child! Impossible. 

The best way to narrow down which type of cannabis concentrate will work best for you is to decide which kind of smoking method you like best.

If you’re a grab and go kind of person, pre-filled oil cartridges and a vape pen is probably the way to go. Alternatively, you could also easily pack some wax in your pocket and a bring along a dab pen for the ride. 

If you’re more of a ‘dank night in’ kind of person who wants to kick back and relax with a few movies as they smoke, then something like shatter or rosin and a dab rig or desktop vaporizer will suit you well. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis concentrates?

Dabs have many wonderful characteristics, but they’re not for everyone.

The benefits of cannabis concentrates

Here’s the good:

They’re strong

There’s a whole lot of THC in a tiny bit of concentrate. It doesn’t take much to get you super high, and they take up a lot less space than actual flower. 

They’re clean

Dabs are basically the purest form of THC or CBD we can regularly consume, thanks to the extraction process. They can also be vaporized, meaning no tobacco is needed. 

They’re fun

Dabs don’t come with the whole rigmarole of getting out your skins, grinding your bud, and so on. They’re fast and easy, making them a whole lot more fun. And like we said, they get you mega high. 

The downsides of cannabis concentrates

Here’s the good:

They’re strong

It’s a blessing and a curse. Sometimes concentrate is just a little too strong for someone, whether you’ve smoked it before or not. 

They’re expensive

Or at least they are most of the time. Dabs cost more than bud, but you do get more bang for your buck. You can even make rosin at home, which is cheaper!

How strong is cannabis concentrate really?

It depends on the concentrate really, but typically you could expect it to be around 65% THC on average. 

When you compare that to bud, which is something more like 20% THC, it’s a hell of a lot stronger. 

Generally, dabs aren’t the best place to start if you’re new to weed. You don’t want your first few experiences to be overly intense or unpleasant, and that’s a very real possibility if you haven’t learnt your limits just yet. 

Starting out with lovely, gentle bud then working your way up to heavy-hitting cannabis concentrate is a much better option. Plus, you’ll have more of an idea of which kind of method you’ll enjoy, whether it’s a dab rig or a vape pen. 

So, dabs vs. bud: who is the winner?

It’s really down to you. 

Like we’ve said, if you’re new to the joys of weed, bud is best. You’ll ease into it and enjoy every step of the way.

If you’re a seasoned smoker or looking for a stronger high, cannabis concentrates might be for you. Pick a type, load it up and enjoy!

Concentrate is also a wonderful choice for those looking to manage pain or use marijuana for other medicinal purposes, thanks to its clean nature. 

Either way, we want you to always enjoy your high, so if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact the Weedipedia team. 

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