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Vape Pens vs. Wax Pens: Here’s the lowdown

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If you haven’t heard of vape pens by now, we’re going to guess you’ve been living under a rock. 

Everyone and their grandmothers know vapes, use vapes and love vapes with all of their hearts, and we completely understandvape pens are awesome. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is a vape pen exactly?

That rock must be pretty cozy, eh? A vape pen is a portable, miniature version of a full-blown vaporizer

Within it’s slimline body, a vape pen houses a chamber to hold your precious THC, a filter to make sure no nasties make their way through the mouthpiece, and a battery to heat things up. 

It’s pretty simple– your vape pen works just like a desktop vaporizer in that it heats the flower or concentrate to a point where it releases a delicious vapor for you to inhale. 

And all that in one tiny, sleek package: you can see why we love vape pens. Read on to find out which type is right for you, how to use it and how to make sure you get the cleanest hits and best flavor every single time. 

And what is a wax pen?

Wax pens are very similar to vape pens, except they use wax concentrate instead of flower or oil. 

They have the same internal components as vape pens, but wax vape pens usually need to get a little hotter in order to melt the concentrate, so they’re often cased in steel or other metals rather than plastic. 

They can be neater in size too, as typically you need to use less wax in a wax dab pen than you would flower in a vape pen. 

Why do I need a vape pen or wax vape pen?

So many reasons.

Vape pens, dry herb vape pens and wax dab pens are so easy to use, and a lot less hassle than rolling joints or blunts. Rather than carrying around flower, skins, roaches and tobacco, with a vape pen all you really need to do is fill and go. 

Vape pens are also seen as being comparatively healthier than smoking, as they don’t rely on combustion to deliver that THC hit, so vapor is free of many of the toxins that are typically found in smoke. 

Wax dab pens also have the massive benefit of only needing a tiny amount of wax concentrate to get you completely blazed, so they’re pretty cost-effective after the initial investment. 

Vape pens vs. wax pens: what should I buy?

Type of pen

Works with

Best for 

Oil vape pen

THC or CBD oil


Wax vape pen

THC wax concentrate

Experienced users

Dry herb vape pen

Weed or hash



Choosing the right vape pen for you depends on what kind of high you’re after and how convenient you want your vape experience to be. 

Oil vape pens and dry herb vape pens are the perfect places to start, as they provide a more controlled high. Oil vape pens are the easiest to use, and many works with pre-filled oil cartridges. Dry herb vape pens require grinding and manual filling, but it’s still pretty simple, and you get the best flavor from weed. 

Wax vape pens provide the most potent high and take some getting used to using, so they’re best when you’ve already dipped your toe into vaping a few times. 

What are the benefits of vape pens and wax dab pens?

Tiny but mighty, the benefits of vape pens outweigh traditional smoking in many ways, but here are some of our favorites

  • Vape pens are more convenient 

No rolling, no skins, no bags: vape pens are more of a ‘fill and forget’ kind of smoking device. Pop in your oil cartridge (or your concentrate if you’ve gone for a wax vape pen) and inhale away

  • Vape pens are less harmful

No actual smoke combust in the vaping process, so most of those toxins you’d typically find are avoided entirely. On top of that, there is no need for tobacco when using a vape pen to smoke weed, so that means no nicotine; perfect for non-cigarette smokers and those looking to use THC or CBD for pain relief.

  • Vape pens are more discreet. 

They give off less of a dank smell than joints, and most are small enough to fit in your pocket with plenty of room leftover. Plus, most don’t look like much more than a regular pen. 

What liquids can you put in a vape pen?

You can put THC oil, THC distillate, CBD oil, and THC concentrate in the form of dabs in a vape pen. 

As it happens, you can vape a considerable number of liquids, but we don’t recommend going for anything other than oil or concentrate explicitly made for vaping. 

What are vape mods?

Vape mods are modified devices that create custom vaping experiences for the user. Vape mods tend to be larger, with heftier batteries and cartridges than vape pens and wax pens. 

At the gap between vape pens and desktop vaporizers, vape mods are ideal for committed, experienced vape users. 

How do I use a vape pen?

Strap in; here we go. 

How to use a vape pen for weed

  1. Double-check you have a dry herb vape – flower doesn’t work in regular vape pens designed for liquids!
  2. Grind your weed until it’s nice and broken up. Aim for fine to medium grind. 
  3. Put the herb into the vape’s chamber and pack it down. It should be pretty firm but still, allow air to flow.
  4. Please turn on your vape and wait about 30 seconds for it to heat the herb. Good to toke!

How to use CBD oil in a vape pen

  1. If you’ve chosen a pre-filled CBD cartridge, load it onto the vape pen, heat it, and off you go. 
  2. If you’ve gone for CBD oil, fill your vape pen’s cartridge with the oil, wait five minutes and then heat it. Inhale to your heart’s content. 

How to use a vape pen for oil

  1. Same as for CBD, if you’ve chosen a disposable THC cartridge, load it onto the vape pen, heat it, and off you go. 
  2. If you’d instead fill the pen yourself, squirt your THC liquid into the cartridge and heat it. Enjoy the high!

How to use a wax vape pen

  1. Load your THC wax into the chamber of your wax vape pen. Dabbers work great for this. Don’t put too much wax in to start; you don’t want to clog your pen. 
  2. Pulse the heat button to melt the wax and release the vapor. 
  3. Hold the button and inhale. Delicious. 

Cool, so how do I clean a vape pen or wax dab pen?

Keep it clean = get the best flavor. Simple. Investing in the proper cleaning supplies for your vape will make a world of difference and cut down on cleaning time. 

How to clean a dry herb vape pen

  1. Dry herb vapes are the easiest to clean. Begin by taking your vape pen apart. 
  2. Tap the cartridge to shake out any loose herb or ash. 
  3. Get in there with a small brush or q-tip to clean any remaining dirt. 
  4. Clean the shell and mouthpiece with a slightly damp cotton cloth. 

How to clean an oil vape pen or wax vape 

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and open up the chamber. 
  2. Use a q-tip to clean all parts of the heating chamber. You can dip the q-tip in isopropyl alcohol, but never use water to clean an oil or wax vape. Be extremely gentle when cleaning around the heating coil. 
  3. Use the same method for cleaning the mouthpiece. 
  4. Wipe the shell of the pen with a dry cotton cloth. 


Vape pens 101

Which vape pen should I buy?

It’s down to personal preference and depends on what you want to use it for, but as a rule of thumb, start with an oil vape or dry herb vape pen and work your way up to a wax vape.  

Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Vaping is less harmful than smoking as it doesn’t rely on combustion to provide a THC hit, producing vapor instead of smoke. It also negates the need for any tobacco. 

Can vape pens be shipped?

Vape pens can be bought online and shipped from certified sellers. 

How do you know when your vape pen is charged?

Most vape pens have an indicator light that will let you know how your battery is doing. If it’s red or flashing, it probably needs to be charged. If it’s solid or green, you’re good to go. 

What’s the difference between a wax pen and a vape pen?

Vape pens work with THC distillates and THC oil. Wax pens work with THC wax concentrate. Wildcard entry: dry herb vape pens work with weed. 

What is a 510 thread battery?

A 510 battery is the power source for a vape mod. These batteries tend to be larger and longer-lasting than those in traditional vape pens. In a vape mod, your cartridge or chamber loads onto the 510 battery. 

How do you unclog a vape pen?

If your pen clogs with oil, heating, it can get things moving. Try blasting it with a hairdryer on a medium setting for a few minutes and loosening the clog with a toothpick. 

We’ve got all the vape pens and wax vapes you could ever need right here at Weedipedia. Browse now, and get in touch with the team if you have any more questions.