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Wondering how to hit a bong? You’ve come to the right place

Wondering how to hit a bong?

We’re sure you’ve sang along to ‘Hits From The Bong’ at least once in your lifetime. 

But have you found yourself secretly wondering ‘what is abong?’ and ‘how do I hit it?’– well, we’ve got all the answers you need right here, so whether you’re looking to enter the world of the bong, or you simply want to understand the lyrics so you can sing with authority, read on.

What is a bong then?

In simple terms, a bong is a water pipe used for smoking cannabis.

Except a bong is really so much more. 

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes– some are full-blown works of art – and deliver creamy, potent hits of water-cooled smoke directly to your lungs. Bongs get you high in a flash, work with or without tobacco, and make for an excellent centerpiece at parties. Plus, they’ve been in use for over 2,000 years now, so they’re pretty tried and tested. What’s not to love?

What parts does a bong have?

From the most intricate of glass sculptures to the simplest of pipes, all bongs have a few main components. 

  • The tube:
  • This is the long glass pipe that delivers the smoke into your mouth.

  • The ice pinch:
  • You can find these little indents on the tube: they’re for holding ice inside it for extra cooling.

  • The percolator:
  • You’ll find this in the tube, it’s what cools and filters the smoke and it comes in a huge number of varieties. 

  • The water chamber:
  • The place where the water goes at the base of the bong. 

  • The down stem:
  • A small glass tube that links the bowl to the water chamber. 

  • The bowl:
  • A little external bowl at the end of the stem where you pack in and light your weed.

    What types of bong are out there?

    They come in all shapes and sizes. 

    Straight, beaker or round bongs:

    As you might guess, these bongs all get their names from their shape. Straight tube bongs are a simple straight tube with a base, beaker bongs have a beaker-shaped base for extra stability, and in a round bong, the water chamber is a ball shape with a flat bottom so it doesn’t tip over.

    Carburetor bongs:

    A carburetor bong has a little hole in the side of the pipe that you can cover with your finger, and once the smoke is good to go, you lift your finger off. This allows fresh air in that will shoot the smoke up into your lungs for a more intense hit. You might have heard carburetors referred to as ‘carbs’ before.

    Multi-chamber bongs:

    These bongs have more than one water chamber so the smoke is cooled and filtered multiple times before you inhale. They can produce super smooth, super creamy hits. 

    What are bongs made from?

    Bongs can be made from a few different materials, too. Here are some of the most common.


    Glass bongs are probably the most common. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and don’t have any effect on the flavour of your flower. 


    Plastic bongs are very affordable and almost entirely unbreakable, but can sometimes give your smoke a bit of a funny flavor. 


    The show-offs of the bong world, many ceramic bongs are made in novelty or sculptural shapes. They’re a bit pricier and a bit more breakable, so they make for good occasion bongs only.  

    Wondering how a bong works

    A bong essentially works by passing the smoke from your burning bud down through cool water, before then passing it up the main pipe and into your lungs. 

    This cools and filters the smoke as it passes through, giving you a much cleaner, tastier, smoother hit. Wondering how to smoke out of a bong? Read on. 

    How to hit a bong

    Here we go, real life hits from the bong. 

    Step 1: Fill it up

    Pour water into your bong through the mouthpiece. If you’re wondering how much water to put in a bong, you want your stem to be in about an inch of water. Don’t fill it up any more than that, or you’ll be taking a nice dank drink of water instead of inhaling some cooled smoke. 

    Step 2: Pack your bowl

    Grind your weed up medium-fine, and pack it into your bowl. You want it relatively tight, but with plenty of room for airflow. 

    Step 3: Light her up

    Grab the bong in one hand, place your mouth over the mouthpiece to create a seal, and light your weed in the bowl. Inhale to get the smoke flowing. 

    Now you know how to use a bong. Nice. 

    How to clean a bong

    Because they’re so good at filtration, bongs can get quite dirty and full of sticky resin. Keeping yours clean is essential for getting great flavor and clean hits from your flower. Here’s how to clean a bong. 

    1. If possible, take all the pieces of your bong apart. 
    2. Using a mixture ofcleaning salt and alcohol, fill it up. 
    3. Give it a good shake to help the mixture break down the dirt. 
    4. Soak the down stem and bowl in some more of the same mixture. 
    5. For any hard-to-reach nooks, use a pipe cleaner to scrape out any dirt. 
    6. Allow to dry completely before using again. 

    What are the advantages of a bong?

    Bongs have a multitude of benefits, but here are three of our favorites. 

    Bongs are smoother

    Bongs hits are far smoother than the smoke you get from joints or regular pipes. The addition of water means that the smoke you inhale is far creamier and far cleaner, plus you don’t need to use tobacco in a bong, so you can avoid all nicotine and other nasty toxins found in it. 

    Bongs are stronger

    Or rather, they get you higher thanks to the size and power of the hits they give you. The sheer volume of smoke you can inhale from a bong is far more powerful than a joint, and again, not diluted by tobacco. 

    Bongs are fun

    Bongs are fun at a party, with groups of your closest friends. Bongs are also fun alone, or with your significant other. Bongs are way more fun than joints, especially if you get a particularly artistic one. 

    Bongs 101

    More information on bongs (as if you needed it, you’re now a bong expert.)

    Are bongs harmful?

    Bongs are no more harmful than smoking a joint. In fact, they can be a little easier on the lungs thanks to the cooling and filtering process. 

    Do bongs smell?

    Oh yeah. Bongs are not what you want if you’re looking for a discreet way to smoke weed. Their size alone makes them impossible to cart around, and they’re just as smelly as a blunt. In the comfort of your own space though, bongs produce the most beautiful, lemony, kushy smell around.

    What kind of bong should I buy?

    It’s kind of up to you, but if you’re not sure where to start we’d recommend looking for a fairly simple glass bong. Something with a stable base and uncomplicated components will be easiest to get the hang of. From there, the world is your oyster when it comes to bongs styles. You can probably even get a bong that looks like an actual oyster.

    How much is a bong?

    How long is a piece of string? Bong prices vary wildly depending on what you’re going for. You can start off small and cheap with something like a bubbler, but a more intricate bong could easily set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Considering how long they last (and how much use you’ll no doubt get out of it) we think the investment is totally worth it. 

    Where can I buy a bong?

    We have bongs of all shapes and sizes at Weedipedia. If you have any more questions, or just want to chat, get in touch with the team; they’re always happy to help!

    Discover our curated collection of bongs & water pipes.